N Korean crimes on par with Nazis, Khmer Rouge: U.N. probe


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Chinese representative Chen Chuandong lamented to the council that many of the report’s recommendations were “divorced from the realities on the peninsula and are highly politicised.”

Just like DPRK

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And of course , China protect N.Korea, how nice , thanks west for giving money to China , thats how you make new world dictatorship .N.Korea is torture place , but no one wants to end it, US will let people die in N.Korea for the sake of great relationship with China.

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We already know al this. The world could end it tomorrow if China wasn't protecting the Kim dictatorship.

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Why China and Russia were ever given veto power is beyond me. It always seems that whenever some form of action really needs to be done by the UN it gets shot down by one of the two. Is it just wishful thinking on everyone's behalf that China or Russia will have a change of heart and not veto any resolution they try to make? What a joke the security council is.

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Here, where true atrocities have and are occurring, sanctions have been ineffective (unless the desired effect were to injure the lowly citizens), The Enlightened One dares not draw any "red line" for fear that there would be severe repercussions on the economy within his empire. What hypocrisy. The emperor new clothes are revealing.

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This is no surprise. This reinforces my individual boycott on products made in China. Yes, alternatives do exist.

Dennis Rodman says little kim is a nice guy. Goes to show ya, athletes and Hollywood are not credible sources of information.

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I don't believe it. North Korea is too easy to make things up about, and globalist Imperialist trash don't like isolationist nations, while having high control of propaganda, thus we cannot know the truth. Such claims can neither be believed, nor dismissed as fabrication, because there is no proof!

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