N Korean leader Kim absent from key anniversary event


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Gout strikes again? Can`t lift his potbelly out his royal bed? My sympathy for the poor guy is limited...

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Maybe he's out playing hoops with Rodman ?

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Or too busy out on the links trying to best his old man's golf score?

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Well, I'd like to be above wishing ill on another human but the pudgy Un seems to be from somewhere else. So where ever his is I wish him and his cronies the worst.

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He might have left the country... Honestly though, I'd love it if NK just fell apart in the next few months and was re-absorbed into south Korea as Korea. Would be amazing if we no longer had to call it north or south anymore. Although there would be a double increase in K-drama's and pop when that happens. Guess that will have to be a trade off for a good thing xD.

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He's probably at Disneyland

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Maybe Tims coffee shrink Kim mind and now he need lot of time to get back on track.

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I kind of wanna believe what Honest Dictator says about wishing the DPRK just imploded and got reconnected to SOUTH KOREA and start to behave like a regular MODERN country, and start to feed their people and not torture them etc...

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"Kim, believed to be 30 or 31"

But he's definitely not 29 or 32.

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