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N Korean leader oversees special forces op as tensions soar


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This fool will end up being the Cause of ww3 and no one will survive the Radioactive fallout

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Nevermind Assad, it's the fool Kim Dum Dum that should be eradicated.

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If the man would just get a decent haircut the world may just take him a bit more seriously.

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@ Ron Barnes This fool will end up being the Cause of ww3 and no one will survive the Radioactive fallout

I agree but ill add that war is good for business and using this muppet/puppet as a reason is priceless to the military industrial complex who care little for average Joe or Taro. Every wonder why troops are called troops.... fish come in a school Birds come in a flock ????? come in a troop?

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Is it me or does Kim look like he's getting fatter? Anyway, the man is just trying to bang his chest and more or less prove to many skeptics within his own military ranks that a spoiled Swiss-educated kid with zero military experience can stand up to the US, defy the UN and do away with anyone that doubts his ability to keep the country together, without knowing he's barking up the wrong tree and might find himself in a nasty position the way OBL was left.

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Trump stated that he will try to make China helps but if China doesn't, he will do alone. I wonder hl ōw much US missile technology is behind of N Koreans? Maybe Japan know? Is that why it cannot mention Japan to help solving N K problem?

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I trust neither of those two flaming and unpredictable egos.

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Perhaps this most recent iteration of Dear Leader has exhausted his nation's usefulness in the grand scheme of the Middle Kingdom.

China has reportedly deployed around 150,000 troops near its border with the DPRK which are also reported to be conducting training exercises focused on the management of large numbers of refugees. The Chinese units that have been reportedly deployed are mainly mechanized combat units as well as rapid reaction troops. Naturally, China calls all such reports "fabrications".

Now maybe, just maybe, the reports are correct. And maybe, just maybe, the Chinese have a plan up their sleeve. There is no doubt that China has its own people within the North Korean ruling class and especially within the KPA, so with the right amount of pressure in the just the right places a peaceful regime change could take place. Well, maybe relatively peaceful.

If heaven forbid, something bad should happen to the Dear Leader it could cause all kinds of problems in the country. And in their state of collective grief and despair the North Korean people might need some support and guidance when it comes to making good decisions about how to move forward. On top of that, a chaotic situation would make the DPRK much more vulnerable to the imperial tendencies of the US and its allies. It would only be neighborly for China to come to the aid of its long time ally and working with sympathetic people within the DPRK leadership, help build a new and brighter future for the people of North Korea.

Played right, this could end up as complete regime change in favor of the Chinese while at the same time appearing to be a monumental, and praise worthy, humanitarian effort. The Chinese could take over North Korea and still come out smelling like a rose. What could the US do? Fight the Chinese for doing a good thing for the North Korean people?

Once the dust settled, things would probably work out for the better. The neighborhood would be free of Mr. Kim and all the associated drama and the North Korean people would have enough to eat.

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