N Korean leader says raising living standards his No. 1 priority


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N Korean leader says raising living standards his No. 1 priority

Think this was a typo; should read, "N Korean leader says raising living standards No Ones priority."

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N Korean leader says raising living standards his No. 1 priority

When was the Korean war over? 1954? Him and his daddy's living standards were quite high after that. Who else saw, "The Interview?"

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Hmmm.... perhaps the best way to achieve this, Kim Jong Un, is to NOT spend billions on developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that you will never use and don't need. Nor on bribing the stupidly oversized army to support your unelected and totally illegitimate criminal dictatorship.

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When this character invited the flamboyant, "Dennis Rodman" over to his country, I'm sure Rodman was living it up too. Who else saw that movie, "The Interview?"

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With Cuba getting friendlier with the US and China getting tired of defending NK's ridiculous antics, it can't be too long before NK either implodes or explodes. Either way, the end of the Kim regime is coming.

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I have some advice for Kim Jong-Un. If he wants to raise living standards in N.Korea, he should resign, dissolve the N.Korean government, have the South Koreans take over the reins of government and the military and hold elections as soon as it's possible. Of course this would mean that he and who knows how many other top N Korean officals would soon be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity, kidnapping, etc.

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He has relaxed some controls on farmers and state-run firms, and set up more than a dozen special economic zones.

Similar to reforms that China began in the 70s.

I hope he does lift the well being of Nth Koreans, because they have suffered.

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I suggest that Kim moves his economy from the current slave economy to a slave economy more like pre-Civil War US slave economy. That would be a major advance from what they have.

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He should start by ending the famine that his country has been enduring for two decades,

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He should ask the UN to come in and dismantle his Rodong Missiles. In return, his people can eat. They need to have basic necessities like gas stoves for cooking, heaters during the brutal winters and electricity 24/7.

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