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N Korean military warns of 'special actions' against South


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North Korea’s military warned Monday of imminent “special actions” that would reduce South Korea’s conservative government to ashes within minutes,

There is no mention of Japan, thank God. This is a peaceful peninsula, AP should focus on Iran or Syria.

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And people wonder why the states of the region, including Japan, get upset at their bogus hardware tests and set up precautionary measures when they do so. Japan copped a lot of flak from people on this board for being alarmist and sensationalist and not engaging enough leading up to that test, and look at what you have now. Insane rhetoric from a completely unhinged regime that lives in an entirely parallel universe to the rest of us. Maybe, just maybe, the people in the Japanese government know a little more about the situation than you.

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How does NKorea explain nothing happening in a to its people afeter saying that all this.....all the time? Even if you are brainwashed, after a awhile, you would think many of the people living in that country would go, "hmmmmmm...." after hearing things like this so many times.

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"How does NKorea explain nothing happening in a to its people afeter saying that all this.....all the time?"

Gurukun: That's assuming they hear every statement issued. There might be a "filter" meaning some things are meant only for domestic, some Int'l and sometimes both.

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Ah yes, North Korea the Cuba of North East Asia! PaulinUSA says it very it well, the DPRK give their domestic viewers one kind of news, that they are the victims of the USA, of South Korea, Japan etc..and make them go around marching like fools protesting etc..same as down in Havana, so no surprise from this amigo.

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Since NK lacks good TV, movies and Internet, the government provides entertainment by regularly whipping the population into a frenzy.

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North Korea are stupid I wouldn't put it past them to think they could win a war.

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WHOOPS! That's a real Asian armed conflict. U.N. Peacekeeping missions: FAIL!

But Pyongyang is yet to perform initial airstrikes against Seoul before this year ends

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While the common North Korean will be eating mud grass soup for breakfast, what will "mini me" and his generals be eating?

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Same old, same old.

Now that DPRK has warned publicly of 'special actions' they will get blamed for anything that happens. They have set themselves up for this, and whose fault will it be when something happens?

Last time they issued dire warnings and shortly thereafter SK's navy corvette was torpedoed. The world pointed the finger at DPRK, who hotly and indignantly denied anything to with it. Israel or anyone could have come in and fired the torpedo, but North Korea got the blame.

What a waste of everyone's breath and energy it was, as the accusations flew backwards and forwards.

COME ON, please get real, DPRK.

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This is not their first time. The mafia state of NK is playing the end justifies the means game as usual. Please be understood that the mass of NK has no access to proper information, freedom, or right as most of us. They are in total control, manipulated, abused with constant propaganda 24/7. The mass victims of NK has no clue (brainwashed). The self serving elite will stop at nothing to maintain their interest and control at the expenses of others (the mass). The sad news is that the U.N and most part of the world still appeasing this mafia state of NK; especially China and Russia.

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The US, South Korea, and Japan need to really do something about these commie idiots. Scare the hell out of them and let them know their place. These small time bullies have no power in this world and they know it and their little attempts at gaining it is only biting them in the shoulder.

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If they had lot´s of oil, I bet they would have been dealt with already...

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Really though...No need for alarm....If NKorea tried to abolish SKorea with Nukes, the only option they would have is to catapult them over the border....becuse, thier missles dont work.

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This was pretty much expected. The new president lost a lot of face when the "sattelite launch" failed miserably and now he's trying to make up for it with some good old-fashioned smack-talk. Honestly no-one should be surprised by this development, nor should be they be surprised when there is a complete lack of follow-up and the normal internal press releases in North Korea saying that South Korea wet itself in terror and went crying to mommy.

sigh Utterly predictable.

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No one wants war or the threat of annihilation. Bringing a simulated threat against the US is a big mistake! That king of the hill mentality won't fly. Nor do their rockets! Geeez!

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I think the DPRK's chest beating and bravato would sound better if they used the proper newscaster -- Keith Obermann comes to mind -- I heard he's looking for work...

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Don't be so sure that nothing will happen and he is only goofing off. Kim is not much different from that youngster who stabbed the bus driver. The big difference is that he has more at his disposal to cause more harm. If those around him goad him to show that he is capable of being tough, what do you think he will do? They will use his father as an example of being tough (2010) and he needs to show that toughness. If other nations add to the fire and hail insults at him he will do something one of these days to prove them wrong. Jeer the failing of rocket/satellite launch; call him ''sissy boy'; tell him his father would turn in his grave to see the kind of coward he turns out to be and something disasterous will happen. He is under pressure to prove himself and if it continues, he will. Just like the teenager who stabbed the driver.

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North Korea’s military warned Monday of imminent “special actions” that would reduce South Korea’s conservative government to ashes within minutes

I suppose this is possible if they just aimed one of their negligently built rockets over SK so that when it crashes and burns in a spectacular failure that only NK is capable of, it lands on the government buildings in Seoul...

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"North Korea needs atomic weapons to defend itself against the threat of attack from the U.S."

This is actually true.

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The Russo-Chinese navies now held in the yellow sea with 25 naval vessels prticipating live firing drills is a 'response' to recent US military provocations! So the threatening words from North Korea were not 'empty promise'!

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China just said how they are great friends.

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This new threat is probably the result of humiliation- being taunted for the failed rocket launch. I'd take the threat seriously.

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Shanique Smith. Well said.

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NK have shown many times in the past that they don't have any problems with killing people. There's nothing to be gained by making fun of Kim and daring him.

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I dont think that cake eating fatso is running the country.. but anyways.. well see. Sort of unusual to make those threats openly which is harmless. N.K is just a cult... nothing to fear and nothing to see here. The exposure helps and feeds them the most..

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"Special" like special ed, maybe, if their rocket program is anything to go by.

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zzzzzzz...While China and Russia are still sane , NK's special actions will mean... special actions , just words .

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This type of schizo behaviour is what's contributing to the instability in the Korean Peninsula.

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The fetid, poisoned tree of Marxism still produces its loathsome fruit.

This type of schizo behaviour is what's contributing to the instability in the Korean Peninsula.

China is the enabler.

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Special actions!!


Where can we go?

What can we do?

Everybody PANIC!

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Someone needs to fix the record player. Its just the same old record over and over.

NK are all bark and no bite.

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you would think many of the people living in that country would go, "hmmmmmm...." after hearing things like this so many times

Yeah, but if you do put 2+2 together you end up in a gulag or worse.

The unfortunate part of this threat is that NK has given a specific time table - something they don't do, typically. So what are they on about? Whatever it is I doubt it will be pleasant and I doubt that it will help the general population of NK.

Unfortunately China has just given them the green light by declaring "friendship" with the dear little pork chop. Right now I'm glad their reach doesn't include Japan. I would not want to be in Seoul.

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Proof again that N.Korea is an aggressor backed by China, is a puppet of China, and used as a media attention grabber so China can build up it's military forces and use their might to colonize all the South Seas nations.

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