N Koreans mark key holiday, oblivious to tensions


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The glorious family of fat ones. One think I'll give credit to China during their days of Mao glorification, they wised up and determined that communism isn't about one person ruling all others (not that having another small group of people ruling all others is any better...). NK sadly took the exact same path that China walked away from and this is the result.

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This whole situation is just weird... it's like some weird panto, with the villain being a suitable over the top oddball!

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Oblivious to the suffering of a large segment of the population too which lacks basic needs like food. Reminds me of my visits to Mao's China in the sixties and being surrounded by all these plastic happy faces that belonged to the indoctrinated ones who apparently thought the cause was for the greater good of . . . did they really know what?

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The world should be oblivious to the tension too. It is just a media stunt, but it worked. Mr. Kerry has already given in to the demands.

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What a thing if the tactics employed by NK were mainly to divert from plans to strike the US on their own territory!

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i.e. the Boston Marathon that has just been affected by the explosions.

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