N Korea's Kim hails execution of powerful uncle


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The pot calling the kettle black.

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Its scary to have in North Korea someone who is such a political and social weakling that he needs to execute an old man to maintain power and appear tough. Who knows what he will resort to next to hide is ineptitude and weakness? The possibility of renewed shooting on the Korean peninsula has just gone up for such a pathetic bully at the helm.

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Word has it that Jang found himself on the loosing end of an economic issue with a powerful military faction, which then forced Kim's hand - not exactly an indication of strength from the Young Leader. Also, this will conversely destabilize the North as the next malcontent will know the necessity of going for the throat.

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Could someone incapable and unwilling to care for and properly feed his own people living a luxurious life himself be characterized as scum: a worthless person?

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Wow a fat baby in pampers its time to change his pamper Baby Kim doesnt think his Sh**t smells

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The 67-year-old played a key role in cementing the leadership of the inexperienced Kim, who took power after the death of his father and long-time ruler, Kim Jong-Il, in December 2011.

And Jong-Un executes him? That's one way to bite the hand that feeds you. "Thanks for helping me become the tyrannical dictator of this unstable country. Your reward is your death." Kim Jong-Un is just asking to be "accidentally" killed by a Drone strike. He threatens the US but he doesn't have the spine for it. He doesn't even have what it takes to be a leader. If he launches nuclear weapons at the US, all that will remain of North Korea is radioactive dust. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will wonder "What shall I have for dinner tonight?"

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Sounds like Little Kim needs a spanking. I'd like to see him start something with the US so his country can get dunked on, but we all know he's just another Chihuahua barking behind the trash can trying to pretend he's brave.

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Whenever I feel spry for myself I think it could be worse - I could be living in NK.

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Is it time to order the statue of him. "Always order a statue of yourself wearing a hat." Louis XIV. "Apres moi, la chute." Louis XV. This dynasty will fall, thank you internet.

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