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N Korean leader Kim vows to 'put an end' to South if attacked


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Not really sure why JT always reports everytime the NK leadership says something threatening. They do that fairly regularly and of course nothing happens. I would say this is just internal propaganda. I guess he does feel threatened by SK's economic success and growing cultural influence.

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This story belongs on the back page. Don't give him publicity for something that means the end of his family in retaliation.

11 ( +13 / -2 )

One Trident nuclear sub Kimmy....

Twenty Trident missiles, each can carry up to twelve retargetable warheads for a total of 240 targets...

And the US has 14 Ohio-class subs...

There's no place in nK you could hide...

9 ( +10 / -1 )

He has to look more powerful than he is. He needs a scary persona, which suggests Kim is scared by the past war.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

There's no place in nK you could hide...

Not really true. NK has much infrastructure underground and safe from nuclear strikes. He may get to live in his underground city but it is unlikely he would see the sun shine again.

But what does NK consider an attack? They have previously called comments a heinous verbal attack that required retribution etc.

SK has not just attacked NK out of the blue since the armistice was signed, unlike NK. That being the case it is much more likely the unstable regime in NK will simply attack SK without provocation as it has done a number of times including the initial invasion Kim's grandfather started. Such statements coming out of NK will continue. But lets hope they at least have the sense not to start a war with the new Russian technology and equipment they get for supplying Moscow with millions of rounds of artillery shells, and missiles to use against peaceful Ukraine.

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Obviously has scant regard for the future of his daughter.

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He said He did He said he did that's what we call news now day's pathetic!!!

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I think he actually meant it would be the end to North Korea.

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dont worry kimmy, your days are numbered.

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Why can't he vow to feed his people? Or lose some weight?

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Why can't he vow to feed his people? Or lose some weight?

He could vow to do both. Doing the latter might make accomplishing the former easier.

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That fat slob says this crap every day, between bites of donuts.

How is this even news?

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"Bad publicity is better than no publicity." Don't give this narcissist free publicity, please. Put it on the obits or comics page.

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The picture is a promo for likeness Geni Craig hence father and daughter diet

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