N Korea's low death count questioned amid COVID-19 outbreak


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…and that officials must study how China and other nations have handled the pandemic.

A quite ‘nice’ demand from that psycho. They shall study something out of informations and media that are prohibited and they are of course nearly completely barred off?

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Some observers say North Korea was likely forced to acknowledge the COVID-19 outbreak because it couldn't hide the highly contagious viral spread among its people and suffer possible public discontent with leader Kim Jong Un. They believe North Korean authorities are underreporting mortalities to try to show that its pandemic response is effective, while the country lacks test kits to confirm a large number of virus cases.

The parallels with the Chinese response are quite interesting, in both cases great efforts are being made to hide deaths even if it is obvious this would be impossible according to the best available scientific data, poorly vaccinated populations in a rampant spreading of COVID do much worse than countries with much better protection and health services, so the numbers provided are too obviously manipulated. At this point the effort is worthless and the reality clear for the world to see.

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Stupid narcissistic parades and bombs in place of food and medicine. North Korea.

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Stupid narcissistic parades and bombs in place of food and medicine.


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"North Korea said Friday that nearly 10% of its 26 million people have fallen ill and 65 people have died amid its first COVID-19 outbreak..."

Why would Bukhan be telling the truth, according to this article, about ~2.6 million people being sick and then lie about the fatalities? Western propagandists have it easy and will use even completely irrational claims without fear that a thought might occur to its targets. And, apparently, some of those same 'targets' see Bukhan and Nihon in the same light and also seem to have no idea what 'harsh economic sanctions' can do to affect importation of "food and medicine". And some voices even sound disappointed that more innocent people are not dying... Hey Offworlders from any other star! Come get me! I'm ready...

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You mostly likely to die from Covid from being malnourished

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Apparently, the North has discovered that pandemic restrictions can be used to justify the strict social rules that govern a totalitarian society - like China!

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Low death rate: Perhaps the Bukhan saram are not so completely riddled with all of the lifestyle generated CO-MORBIDITIES that seem to be so prevalent in Western societies and so often cited as the MAJOR contributor to COVID fatality. This might be valid for the low Chinese fatality rate as well. Most of them probably see a lot more physical activity on a daily basis and do not subsist on a diet like, for example, many Americans that is 50% lard and at least 10% Ethanol plus a bathroom cabinet full of questionable prescription pharmaceuticals... Everybody LIES but US...

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@William Bjornson

 This might be valid for the low Chinese fatality rate as well.

5,000 dropped dead from COVID in Wuhan during the first couple months of outbreak, and this is the official figure.

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They ran out of beads on the abacus.

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This might be valid for the low Chinese fatality rate as well. 

It has been reported widely how the Chinese government is hiding COVID deaths by retroactively making patients uninfected after death, or attributing the deaths to any other disease the patient had, even if not related at all. Generally speaking the only COVID deaths that are recognized are those where the patient was completely healthy otherwise (and not all of those are counted).

If every country did the same way of counting the reported death rates would be reduced between 15 and 20 times, that goes a long way to explain the low fatality rate.

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