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N Korean leader Kim calls for accelerated war preparations


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yawn....drama queen, oh not, drama king + rocketboy is seeking attention again

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@Aurelius: Haven't lived in Asia long, have you? His threats are as empty as those of his Grandfather and Father.

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How would he know he is being provoked with a nuclear attack? He would only realise that after the first few missiles hit NK.......and he is spending so much money on his nuclear programme, has he spent any on his countries defence?

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The deterrent capable of containing despot North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, for the stability of the entire region, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, all the political interconnecting countries, East and South China seas, Sea trading routes, Taiwan straits are dependent on US intervention in the instance of a direct air sea land altercation.

The ultimate deterrent is US nuclear umbrella.

US is committed militarily with two wars.

Japan need to consider an off shore fully capable tactical strategic deterrent. Both conventional and nuclear

With the political will to use deploy it.

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It's important to note that the consequences such as: humanitarian crisis, escalation of conflict, global economic fallout, environmental threat, global relation strain, proliferation concerns are based on a hypothetical scenario, and the actual impact would depend on numerous factors, including the scale of the conflict from the North, the international response mainly the South, and efforts to de-escalate the situation. Diplomacy and conflict resolution would be crucial in mitigating the potential damage and preventing further destabilization.

My two cents...it's time to put this rocket-boy maniac out of his misery.

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Actually - putting him out of his misery is probably NOT a good idea. The consequences of a power vacuum and the military taking control could actually spell trouble. Remember that the PRC prop him up as they don't want a unified Korea on their doorstep. How much influence they would have over other powers there is questionable.

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He's not capable of preparing for anything else. No need to keep reporting it as if it's news.

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The same day as his ‘we left a great trace’ speech, we also learned that North Korea’s grain production, was estimated as coming in at 4.8 million tons, a 6.9% increase from last year’s 4.5 million tons. Thanks primarily to favorable weather conditions. BUT the 4.8 million tons was short by about 0.7 million tons that is deemed sufficient on an annual basis to feed his people and prevent widespread starvation.

While back last summer, South Korean lawmakers were told that the North’s economy shrank each year from 2020 to 2022, with their GDP coming in a full 12% less than back in 2016.

I guess that’s what happens when to put your full economy towards both buying expensive luxury cars to transport the Party elite to this week’s year-end plenary meeting, and throwing the rest to a weapons program, designed apparently to create some new artificial islands in the seas, made up entirely of spent rocket and missile parts, in huge 'great traces.'

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onigiriDec. 28  12:39 pm JST

yawn....drama queen, oh not, drama king + rocketboy is seeking attention again

Ol Kimmy Flat Top is screaming like a diva who peed her panties in public again.

> rainman1Dec. 28  01:03 pm JST

@Aurelius: Haven't lived in Asia long, have you? His threats are as empty as those of his Grandfather and Father.

'I know so kung-fu from watching some Jackie Chan movies and I'm gonna kick yo buuuuu-uutttt!!!!!'.

Can it, Commie boy! Nobody wants to hear your wailing again.

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Prepare for war when the DORKS can’t even feed their own army much less the general population.

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