N Korea accuses U.S. of 'smear campaign' over student's death


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The spokesman said that Warmbier was provided with proper medical treatment, and questioned why he died so soon after returning to the U.S.

Sure. Like NKorea didn't have any idea that he might die. Why else did they suddenly release him? This is the regime that claims to "know nothing" of Kim Jong Nam's assassination. Same regime that returned bones of an abducted Japanese civilian claiming death, but Japan carried out DNA testing and found it was not the same person.

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The spokesman said that Warmbier was provided with proper medical treatment, 

And yet, they sent him home in a coma.

The fact that Warmbier died suddenly in less than a week just after his return to the U.S. in his normal state of health 

Again, in a coma. They sent him home in his "normal" state of health, in a coma.

They (NK) killed him and now they are blaming others. That's pretty awful and low, even for NK.

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NK has been in a coma since it's foundation. When will it finally die?

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Kim Jong-un should be dragged to the International Criminal Court. The world is in the 21st century, while Jong-un is holding back North Korea at the Medieval Age. An inhumane assassin. Let's hope that the world opinion will react as in the case of Xi Jin-ping's Southeast Asia Infamy.

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Absolutely disgraceful. But par for the course for this despicable regime.

Warmbier's coma was brought on by lack of oxygen to the brain. Based on what I have read of expert medical opinion, an young athletic person such as he should not have been in this condition. The most likely scenario is that he was tortured, and I guess probably waterboarded.

I hope to live long enough to see the day this regime disappears.

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Absolutely disgraceful. But par for the course for this despicable regime.

I totally agree, but some of the blame falls on this young man! Who goes to NK? What if he did break the rules like NK said? Why risk your life for that?

On top of that, the family is refusing to get an autopsy done on their son. Wouldn't you want to know what happened to your own flesh and blood. There seems to be more to that family than meets the eye. I believe that young man did do something that would be considered to be offensive in NK. Whether it was premeditated or impulsive, I don't know, but I think his intentions was not strictly for sightseeing.

This was a perfect storm! An unstable regime and a possibly unstable individual from an unusual family came to together in one the most paranoid countries in the world.

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Releases. all other foerigner prisoners right away if N Korea want to claim it has humanitarian heart.

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I've never heard any reports from released foreign detainees/prisoners of North Korea that the charges against them were 100% fabricated. So we're generally left with a North Korea says they did this/that, they admit it while crying in court (no other choice), are found guilty and sentenced. Game over.

I'd think if they did nothing - simply went on the tour, followed all the rules and were targeted as an American - following their eventual release, they wouldn't have any issue saying the accusations and charges were completely false.

If these people did what they've been accused of - be it leaving Christian literature in their hotel room before leaving the country, attempting to steal a banner, wandering into restricted areas of their hotel (or away from their tour group) - this is where person responsibility begins. You're subject to the laws and punishment of the country you are in, regardless of whether you agree with those laws and consequences. Arguing over what is or is not a big enough deal to warrant years of hard labor, torture and possible death is meaningless.

It doesn't take much brains to have a rough understanding of which countries in the world will literally let you get away with murder and which will behead, cane or imprison you for something as simple as spitting on the sidewalk, cursing their king or taking a cool looking banner off the wall to bring back as a souvenir. And if you aren't so good at knowing where to behave yourself - you obviously shouldn't be traveling outside the relative safety of your home country.

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