N Korea appoints veteran diplomat as first female foreign minister


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One word out of line and she is toast.

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Not sure how N Korea is ahead of Japan here, but there you go. Female women in high power international facing positions, wow.

Someone hasn't seen the governor of Tokyo.

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a move that Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman warned would provoke a "swift and forceful" response.

'Swift and forceful response', I have no idea what that term might actually mean, or what the speaker's intent might have been for using it, but question its use by someone who's supposed to be involved in diplomacy. Perhaps the "walk softly" era of diplomacy is long gone, it must be when leaders are saying 'nukes are on the table'.

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No doubt she'll be able to put her fluent English skills to work by insulting the U.S in the creative but wacky NK style we've all come to expect.

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PT,are you an American,if not let the US, people decide,because,I am tired of insecure national of other countries,hiding behind US power,power that the US people do not hide behind our military strength

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Speaking only for myself? She is many things. An experienced interpreter. And adapt in international relations practice. An intelligence services agent, researcher, and advisor. And a foreign ministry official. And intelligent, ambitious, very well connected in North Korean politics and society. And perhaps can edge North Korea's word view even a fraction off of crazy. And great to see women at this level.

But they can ease off of referring to her as a "seasoned" or "veteran" diplomat. Regrettably, backchannel work does not complete her dossier. She has never served an ambassadorship or served as a consulate official or chief officer, or as a location delegate to an international body, and there is no evidence that she, by herself, was fully or topic specifically credentialed and previously possessed the power and/or was appointed by the party to conduct, by herself, official diplomatic negotiations. Or by herself to direct state policy. At least until now. Welcome to the diplomatic corp. Finally. And I will join in with anyone wishing her success and the best of luck in her new job. She will need both.

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All American generally have their own foreign policy, seperate of our government

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Well, obviously only an easy to understand show for tricking the public. Replacing a former hardliner on that post by a woman who can speak English well, but not from her thoughts but from her given notes, and who has already longer been walking on the red diplomatic carpets, might be considered new and promising. Nice on theory and on paper, but the reality is consisting of more NK nuclear armament and excessive missile shootings like only the same psychopath regime as before could do.

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Not sure how N Korea is ahead of Japan here, but there you go. Female women in high power international facing positions, wow.

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I hope she can break through the U.S. BS cloud and demonstrate that 'Respected Comrade' Kim is serious about both doing whatever is necessary to remove the brutal U.S. economic jackboot from the throat of his people and also working, despite the election of a U.S. rightwing warmongering puppet to the Hanguk Blue House, to reunite his people. Given his recent experiences with U.S. 'diplomacy' and especially the pathological trump, it is not difficult to understand his reticence in responding to insincere gestures from proven liars but, perhaps, Choe Son-hui will be a force, an image, that the U.S. cannot tarnish or demean. India, which has a full and mature thermonuclear WAR capability, recently tested an ICBM and not a whimper from Washington while Bukhan, whose Nuclear capabilities are probably still roughly in the Manhatten Project stage, becomes a world threatening menace in the Western media and its mindless audience. Sometimes, when viewing one's own People, there is just no way to avoid a feeling of deep disgust with how simple and easily fooled we allow ourselves to be...Good luck, Ms Choe. 열심히! {頑張って! (I hope))

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