North Korea marks key anniversary, but no word on army parade


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the 3rd picture makes me nervous 汗

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It seems like a nice light display, not much to say past that. I wonder if the parade is held in check because of COVID, we still don't really know the degree that it has impacted North Korea. Definitely still seems the majority of people are masked still.

Some experts say the ongoing brinkmanship is also likely motivated by domestic politics, as Kim Jong Un doesn’t otherwise have significant accomplishments to flaunt to his people since his summitry with then-President Donald Trump aimed at winning badly needed sanctions relief collapsed in 2019

That new housing project that is opening is pretty significant at least. At least the first 10,000 are already opened, and look fantastic. Not sanction related certainly but I think providing better housing for your people is an accomplishment.

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What happened to the nuclear test or ICBM launch that was supposed to occur with today's festivities? Another fizzle?

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Just thinking out loud here, mind you, but a prudent military mind couldn't go wrong watching carefully every island and every rock in the time zone for the slightest sign of incursion. At least until the end of the month.

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