N Korea pulls out of inter-Korean liaison office

By Kang Jin-kyu

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"They didn't care"

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The North has recently summoned several of its top diplomats around the world back to Pyongyang.

Worth bumping this thread, in light of today's revelations from Spain.

A shadowy group committed to ousting North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has claimed it was behind a raid last month at the North Korean embassy in Spain. Cheollima Civil Defense, a self-styled human rights group, reportedly fled with computers, a phone and hard discs. The break-in occurred just days before a key summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam. El País even reports that two of the group have links to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA declined to comment to the BBC.

Very interesting, indeed.

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More news here

On the embassies

“They are launch pads for global cyber attacks and thefts, assassinations, kidnappings, and hostage taking – including of the families of their own diplomats. This charade of pretending that the regime is a normal government must stop – the regime is simply a giant criminal enterprise.”

Be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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