N Korea reports 6 deaths, 350,000 ill after admitting COVID-19 outbreak


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We should send aid.

The North Korea regime has been rejecting aid

For awhile now, South Korea has been offering them aid - North Korea has not been responding

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I just can't see the incentive for the US or the international community to use vaccines as a way to sneak something else into the veins of North Koreans. Maybe the top dogs, but not the general population. Not even the bulk of best-behavior subjects 'privileged' to live in Pyongyang. I just don't see it. What would they do, put computer chips in there so they can monitor people slaving away making bricks by hand or harvesting dandelion greens for dinner?

Therefore, I'd say that this is what happens, Mr. Kim, when you are so untrusting of the rest of the world that you don't believe that goodwill and humanitarianism would ever be applied to your country by the rest of the world.

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Remember, NK still likes to use the US boogeyman that if they don't keep up their shenanigans, the US will invade. NK has been such a low priority to the US for decades (excluding the previous idiot administration giving Kim face time with a POTUS).

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In related news, the day before, world leaders pledged US$3 billion in new funding at the Virtual global Covid-19 summit. Over US$2 billion of the money will go towards ‘immediate’ Covid-19 response, while US$962 million has been committed to a World Bank fund.

No word yet over how much of the $3B The Kim has asked for.

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The reason it's possibly so bad there is because they've probably been given the Chinese vaccines, which have proved to be totally useless...... just look at China with their insane total lockdowns, although those really reflect their usual repressive tendencies.

It must be a living hell in North Korea, mass starvation, massive C-virus infections, totally cut off from the outside world, and ruthlessly repressed by The Fat Controller.....

When will their Revolution come ??

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Buy more jabs and test kits instead of wasting a budget for missile launches.

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Shows how Japan is controlling the virus well with masks. Vs a country where no masks are worn.

I will keep my mask on a bit longer.

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That pesky little virus!

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We should send aid.

Who all might 'we' include? I agree, from what I have read many North Koreans need aid in a number of ways. But how could that aid be given, and how can it be ensured that the general population would actually get the aid, and not just Kim and his claque. Maybe Russia and China the creators and long time sponsors of the Kim regimes should be the first to send aid. Those supporting an overthrow of western powers, which empires have been more successful, those supporting South Korea, or those supporting the Kims in the North. And anti-westerners, especially those from western democracies, would you really prefer a Putin -led BRIC empire to what you have now.

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With a completely unvaccinated population get ready for the new NK variant, coming to a shore near you soon!

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the United States supported international aid efforts but doesn't plan to share its vaccine supplies with the North.

Cheap a$$ Biden.

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Since when does the news report truth ?

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The truth.

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We should send aid.

err no, not while their government is spending billions of $$ on rocket launches

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Kim's motto is test, test, test

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So, in 24 hours, they went from "one case" to "350,000 ill" ???? That's... something.

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"North Korea, which likely doesn't have sufficient COVID-19 tests and other medical equipment, said it didn't know the case of the mass fevers."

Should "case" be "cause" instead?

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How much does anyone want to bet it's probably 10 times worse than being reported, and they have been dealing with it for a hell of a lot longer than has been openly admitted so far.

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Who cares. Clearly they don't want help. Their ally Russia and China will lend a hand. Testing missiles these few months had clearly show their stance. We shouldn't waste our breath. Plenty of other countries out there who still in urgent need of vaccines anyway.

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Hasn’t North Korea already been in the middle of a nationwide lockdown for the past several decades?

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We should send aid.

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