N Korea reports 232,880 suspected COVID-19 cases


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Someone planted the virus there so that we will continue living in "fear" while the rest of the world is already moving on!

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Maybe China or South Korea will help them. If America offered assistance, this might be a great way to turn the tides of hate to love. Not sure. However I think Biden should offer assistance to Kim not because of any political issues or the threat of nukes, but just to show Kim that peace between North Korea and the West is possible. It may change the hearts of many around the world as well.

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The outbreak is almost certainly greater than the fever tally, considering the lack of tests and resources to monitor the sick, and there’s also suspicion that North Korea is underreporting deaths…

The cheapest piece of propaganda ever…lol As if it would be handled better or otherwise anywhere else. The only difference when it’s about reacting to Covid, that difference to their regime is the availability and acceptance of vaccines, but not so much more.

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I would not be surprised if the numbers were four or five times higher than we are led to believe.......or even worse. NK. will never be upfront with the truth. But I hope for their people, nations offer them help.

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Kim Jong Un blaming others to cover up for his own incompetence. OMG - he caught Trumpitis.

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Sounds like some officials will be disappearing.

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How did they know the exact numbers? Did they conduct testing? Of course not. This is only to continue the narrative of fear so that people will just be weary and broken down and will just oblige and do as they are told.

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An employee of Pyongyang Dental Hygiene Products Factory disinfects the floor of a dining room

Don't tell me the Dear Leader was influenced by the get up of the guards in Squid Game?

Seems about right; the NK people have the potential to be so much more without the overweight baggage of the Kim family dragging them down.

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All policy in NK flows from the top, so now it has all gone wrong fat boy is resorting to the usual ploy of dictators and blaming everyone else for his own failings.

I suspect the disease has been present and possibly wide spread but without testing it was kept quiet. I note the emphasis in getting medication in to the capital city, the benighted peasantry in the provinces don’t count, so if it has now spread to the city and endangering the elite (thus undermining his authority and grip on power) it must be acknowledged and efforts taken to deal with it.

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