N Korea tests anti-aircraft missile: state media


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United States has repeatedly declared its willingness to meet North Korean representatives anywhere, at any time, without preconditions, while saying it will seek denuclearization. But in his speech to the Supreme People's Assembly legislature, Kim condemned the offers as "no more than a petty trick for deceiving the international community and hiding its hostile acts", according to KCNA.

Anyone check out the 30 September speech? Kim Jong Un's Speech "On the Orientation of Present Struggle for a Fresh Development of Socialist Construction?"

It was a long one. So is the text, so heat up some popcorn or butter some croissants, and get comfortable.

First, work your way through The Kim describing confidence over the "might of our Party and the state powerfully opening up the way for the victory of socialism from our ultra-modern weapons which are being developed at an extremely fast speed and from the militant features of the People's Army, paramilitary and security forces which are growing day by day." 

Then weave your way around how the North represents "justice and truth and implicating thorough-going practical ability has crucial impacts on the international political arena, and our state is enjoying ever-growing external prestige."

Still with us?

Expect long passages from The Kim about the "development of socialist construction" under the "single-minded unity of the Party and people." And the many magnificent undertakings of the North, that are "deepening confidence of people in the Party and the state and in enhancing their patriotic enthusiasm and activenes."

Until you reach the bits about the rest of the world.

The Kim reassures his enthusatic captive audience that inter-Korean relations are still "insecure and grave" because of South Korea's "dishonest remarks and behaviors getting on our nerves and provoking us." Because the South's "hostile acts would be continued," along with the South's "unfair and double-dealing attitude and hostile viewpoint and policies," they therefore leave the "apple of distrust and confrontation between the north and the south, intact," therefore summarily dismissing the South's proposal for termination of the state of war. 

But, The Kim says, relations with the South can either advance towards cooperation and reconciliation, or "suffer from national division amid a vicious cycle of confrontation." All this while the South and the U.S. are "destroying the stability and balance" of the peninsula, requiring the Party to "stand against the gangster logic of the U.S. and South Korea."

BUT, The Kim says that, naturally, he has "no aim nor reason to provoke South Korea and no idea to harm it and it is necessary for south Korea to promptly get rid of [their] delusion, crisis awareness and awareness."

Also, all of the world's dangers today "comes from the U.S. and its vassal forces' high-handed and arbitrary practices that destroy the foundation of international peace and stability;" and that it "employs more cunning ways and methods" over the past eight months than it did in the past, and it is a "petty trick for deceiving the international community" for "hiding its hostile acts and an extension of the [U.S.'s] hostile policy.

The Kim spoke of his "intention to see to it that the north-south communication lines that had been cut off due to the deteriorated inter-Korean relations are restored" in early October. And The Kim affirms that the North "will as ever develop its good neighborly relations with all the countries in the world that respect its sovereignty and are friendly toward it, and fulfill its responsibility and role in the struggle for preserving peace and stability."

The Kim then signed off, telling the "popular masses" to "work hard for the prosperity of the great country DPRK, for happiness and wellbeing of the great people and for fresh development of Korean-style socialist construction under the uplifted slogan of "The People Are God", single-minded unity and self-reliance."

Then the obligatory "enthusiastic applause, being overwhelmed by great excitement" followed by their "burst into stormy cheers of "Hurrah!"

The site doesn't mention it, but I can imagine and picture The Kim and The First Sister, and their merry band of true believers must have then adjourned to the great hall, where they likely watched the most current Revolutionary Opera: You know . . . Hundreds of cheerful, thin, uniformed children - ages six through eleven - singing in unison a patriotic song about The Kim, and dancing- while waving flags and sub-machine guns - while shooting into a bloody, slimy pulp some worms (bearing the flags of other Pacific Rim countries, just in case you had not yet caught on to the opera's main theme,) while sun-drenched portraits of The Kim and The First Sister look down from a radiant golden cloud with paternal and maternal approval. Or not?

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Smood like bada ... Can't the navy seals just low fly over to his house and tap him on the vag

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They’re aware of that option @n1k1 11:20am. Perhaps that’s why we keep seeing various, alternating iterations of a fat, skinny, pale, tanned, “Kim Jong Un”.

*- @n1k1 11:20 am: “Smood like bada ... Can't the navy seals just low fly over to his house and tap him into vagrancy”*

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"It is the latest in a series of tension-raising steps by Pyongyang..."

How kind of the Western media, as here, in so assiduously assisting in that alleged aim.

And the last time Kim trusted America in 'talks', trump made a fool out of him. And every time Bukhan shoots off so much as a bottle rocket, it's BIG news, but Hanguk can develop and test offensive weapons of all sorts and it's just to 'defend' themselves against Bukhan's (nonexistent) aggression. Japan would do well, if it must worry about Korea, to worry about THAT rather than any threat from Bukhan.

But the only country seriously under 'threat' in the current scenario is Bukhan, the little guy here, lined up against the most aggressive, hostile, and weapons crazy cultures in our sad World with a tiny fraction of the population of its constantly pushing opponents and a hand-to-mouth economy...I mean REALLY? And ALL they are really asking for is to get the brutal American economic jackboot off their throats. Nothing else. And they have ALREADY agreed, multiple times, to give up ALL nuclear ambitions just for that one thing: LEAVE US ALONE.

But they are proud and refuse to kneel to Washington and, as tiny as they are, are a BAD EXAMPLE for Empire, so they must be abused and threatened and magnified into MUCH MORE than they can possibly be and held up as an example of the rewards of defying POWER. And, in truth, that's what the media is for.

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P. Smith

Fake news. The previous president already took care of Kim. Very effective approach. The greatest in history.

Well, we have a new clown in town, so it is back to the good old ways for NK.... threaten, look crazy and concessions. It worked with the establishment before, and now it does again.

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It is a sovereign country, and plenty of other countries around the world spend billions yearly on weapon toys.

The populous love Kim, well all five of him by the looks of the strange photos of late.

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No wonder they cannot feed themselves. They spend it all on flying wiz-bes.

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@William. Very truthful and honest post.

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@William. Very biased view that seems anti Hanguk (South Korea) and pro Bukhan (North Korea).

The South never threatens the North but the North make a media circus from constantly threatening almost everyone especially the South and the US, and when it remembers it threatens Japan as well.

South Korea has not invaded any nation that I can recall, but not so North Korea. Why the North continually bother the South who offer aid and friendship is because the North hates the US.

North Korea makes itself an issue and a target by making WMD and ballistic missiles for delivery, and threatening neighbors often and loudly. You called our leader unstable so we will wipe you from the face of the earth with our mighty nuclear missiles. Really? You want to start Armageddon over someones opinion of your leader? That will make everyone respect you for sure. Only it doesn't.

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Both North Korea and China are becoming a bigger threat every single day.

N. Korea also tested nuclear weapons. Each time more powerful.

They tested ballistic missiles, each time longer distance or faster in speed.

China is building a Nuclear Submarine every 14 months. While it will take Australia 20 years to get 8 subs with AUKUS. While Japan has 0 nuclear submarines, Was offered 0 to purchase. Too advance for Japan.

F22 Nope.

B2 stealth bomber. Nope.

Advance drones. Nope.

Nuclear propulsion submarines No. Japan is a long Island Nation, many more small islands to defend and patrol.

Australia got it and UK, but not Japan. Priceless.

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China is building a Nuclear Submarine every 14 months. While it will take Australia 20 years to get 8 subs with AUKUS. While Japan has 0 nuclear submarines, Was offered 0 to purchase. Too advance for Japan.

It will take Australia 20 years to produce its first Nuclear sub, it will take about 40 years or more to build 8 or 9 of them.

F22 Nope.

Australia wanted the F22 also but they closed down that production line in 2011 so could not acquire them.

B2 stealth bomber. Nope.

Why would Japan want to acquire an offensive bomber against it's article 9? I dont think it has ever tried to get that equipment.

Advance drones. Nope.

Advanced drones are for sale by the US and if Japan places an order for them they will arrive promptly. If your talking of AI fighter drones being produced by Australia, I am sure Japan has not made any attempts to buy them yet.

Nuclear propulsion submarines No. Japan is a long Island Nation, many more small islands to defend and patrol.

Has Japan ever asked? Japan's experience in the civilian nuclear reactor sector shows it could develop its own nuclear submarine as Brazil is doing. Why make assumptions that Japan is being denied things it is not even asking for? Stirring the pot for no reason but to drive a wedge between allies? That is a CCP tactic that will not work.

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Too advance for Japan.

Japan's subs are already more advanced than most navies nuclear subs and being less expensive to operate, Japan can afford to operate more. Geography means Japanese subs do not have to be able to cross the length and breadth of the Pacific to do their job like US or Australian subs do.

F22 Nope.

Two things. Almost every part on it is classified and has to handled as classified material, meaning chain of custody and all that. Worn out parts remain classified and would have to be shipped back to the US. F-35 was designed to avoid these problems. Fewer parts are classified and most allies don't get the full L-O package. Also the cost per flight hour of the F-22 is as high as that of a B-52 and 50% more than the already expensive to fly F-15. That is why SECDEF cancelled the program at 180 planes. Too expensive to fly enough for the aircrews to be competent with.

B2 stealth bomber. Nope.

What does Japan need the B-2 for?

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US cruise missile launch from sub,can hit any NK target at a moment notice,in the 100s

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@Desert Tortoise

Japan's subs are already more advanced than most navies nuclear subs

This is absolutely not true according to countries that actually evaluated Soryus against rival subs, Australia and India. In fact, Soryu was dropped first even without asking for a price, because the Soryu was not good enough compared to its rivals; this is a very much "analog" sub according to evaluators, and too cramped for Aussie sailors according to Aussie evaluators.

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Japans Soryu class is already being replaced by the newer Taigei-class submarine. The first has been launched and is due to be commissioned in 2022. Two more are already under construction.

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