N Korea fires what appeared to be land-to-ship missiles


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imagine every time US, france, japan, SK fired a missile in military exercises, would that be news?

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Well if any of those countries were the subject of sanctions by the UN, US, SK, JPN, EU because of their ballistic missile program, yes it would probably be news.

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I guess the boost to DPRK morale must take precedence over exhaustion of the economy. Future arms sales can always replenish the treasury, right?

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If we keep doing the same thing we should expect the same result, said some one. Sanctions & condemnation have become blunt from over use. At least they responsible enough to wait until the exercises were over.

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If we keep doing the same thing we should expect the same result, said some one.

Considering there has been no war, that's a good reason to continue doing the same thing.

Unless you want war, civilian deaths, and potential nuclear war of course. Then we should start to do something.

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I grow tired of this. Kim is like Trump. He does what he pleases regardless of the results, or the well being of his own people, even when the world or allies try to talk some sense into him. All Kim needs now is to tweet...

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This regular flexing of muscle from the DPRK is attention seeking and designed to be provocative. The regime is desperate for international recognition and foreign aid. This is the hopelessly misguided way they tend to go about it.

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They are seeking for attention and each time they launch a missile and it is

news or paranoia in certain countries, the more kim is worked up and craves

for more attention. If it wasn't news they will give up.

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No, if you ignore Kim, he will just try harder until it makes the news. Showing the world condemnation to his inner circle, I swear, gets them all excited in a demented way. If the world simply ignored NK, Kim would simply push the envelope further until he got a response.

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C'mon DPRK, let's see what you can do.

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A better way to solve this headache is to get rid of the Quixotic Kim Jong-Un.

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Get rid of the Kim's regime in the north, unite Korea. And it will be a hell of a lot more peaceful in the neighborhood that it is now.   Waiting for one of the days when Kim shoots a missile off and it lands in the wrong area... Like China/Russia.

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A better way to solve this headache is to get rid of the Quixotic Kim Jong-Un.

That's down to the people of DPRK, isn't it? I can't see the US/Japan/RoK steaming in, all guns a blazing.

Unfortunately, the power vacuum with Kim gone will lead to a struggle between party factions, the military and various government ministries.

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I don't blame North Korea for continuing to strengthen their military. If your region was heavily occupied by an aggressive foreign country like the US - that is known for invading other countries and dropping bombs on innocent people, and often leaving the country in question in total destruction... i think it will serve NK well to always be on the look out, and arm itsself, incase the US creates a false story in order to justify invasion.

The presence of the US bases in the entire Asia pacific is a threat to the Reunification of Korea.

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