NASA moon strikes finds significant water


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"if" america landed on the moon before, i find it very hard to believe that they didn't look for water then. seems as that would be the top priority .

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there was no water detected in the prior landing areas, mostly rocks...

this find could be significant, as the moon has vas mineral resources other than water, however, i don't foresee any countries taking ownership of certain areas. I imagine that once this is imminent, countries will get together and do something similar to what's being done in Antartica.

The initial development cost will run into the trillions of dollars for sure, since they will have to depend on photovoltaics for the initial energy source. Also, hundreds of tons of machinery need to be transported to there. The Space Elevator makes more sense every day.

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"If" America landed on the moon? Is that what`s taught here in Japanese schools? You watched Capricorn One to many times, jinjapan...

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NASA moon strikes finds significant water.... but failed to destroy the reptilian stargate.

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"if" america landed on the moon before,...

How desperate one must be...

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The moon sounds like a big watermelon. Let's hope the water is not brackish...

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Solar cells: cheap. Getting to the moon: expensive. Moon water: Priceless.

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