NATO admits mistaken airstrike in Libya killed 9


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“The deliberate bombing ... is a direct call for all free peoples of the world and for all Muslims to initiate a global jihad against the oppressive, criminal West and never to allow such criminal organizations as NATO to decide the future of other independent and sovereign nations,” al-Obeidi said"

I have been told by countless progressives that jihad is 'internal' struggle. I hope these Canadian-led NATO forces can one day get their act together.

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"The foreign minister called for a global jihad on the West"

Wouldn't that result in way more civilians and children being killed?

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Legacy of getting tangled up in someone else's affairs continues. Need that oil 'tho, right?

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Foreign Minister Abdul-Ati al-Obeidi

Thanks for the name bud. Now the seals know who you are and will be targeting you too.

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“The deliberate bombing ... is a direct call for all free peoples of the world and for all Muslims to initiate a global jihad against the oppressive, criminal West and never to allow such criminal organizations as NATO to decide the future of other independent and sovereign nations,” al-Obeidi said. He did not take questions.

Yeah, "He did not take questions.". Because we all know the first question would be: "So, it's alright for you and your troops to kill you own people then, eh?"

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To avoid making mistakes like that you need to simply stop all operations. Have terrorists ever admitted "mistakenly" killed hundreds of innocent women and children?

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Obama, Sarkozy, and Cameron are hoped that they could gain some quick brownie points by jumping in to helps some supposedly "democratic" Arab revolution.

Now they are stuck in another endless Arab civil war, with no end in sight and hated by all sides. If stay, they are stuck with this tarbaby. If they leave, they lose face. Meanwhile, the costs of this military misadventure keep going up.

These 3 fools are now learning the hard way that "hope" is not a plan. I only wish the electorate will remember this when election time comes.

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Obama said it would be over in a matter of weeks. He is the first president in US history to openly defy the War Powers Act. Start impeachment proceedings.

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Gadhafi is toast.

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U.S. and NATO meddling in another sovereign nation's affairs and U.S. has a long history of deposing leaders of other nations in order to get natural resources, specifically oil. NATO forces are not interested in saving those being killed, it is just a noble motive to hide your agenda.

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Folks, this is all about OIL & keeping China at bay from the Mediterranean. Whoever supports this ILLEGAL war is either a warmonger or a hypocrite. Why not fix Somalia, South Sudan, Bahrain, DRC & Yemen FIRST??? I'm still amazed how quickly the Big 3 jumped on this delicious OPPORTUNITY (Oil, having BILLION$ of Gadaffi's money frozen, pretending to be supporting Arab Spring, & getting rid of a non-compliant asset who dared to make Africa INDEPENDENT with its oil wealth).

Wise words indeed:

When Norway became a member state of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it was a defence organization against attack on one or more of the NATO member states. Norway needed the solidarity of NATO membership to protect the country from a hostile Soviet Union.Even though in a thousand years of history, Russia not once attacked Norway. It was the British (during their war against France)and the Germans who attacked us and killed our people.

The Norwegian people never signed up to membership in a defence alliance that conducts wars of aggression against states in Africa, that do not threaten the security of any Nato member. Which is the case in Libya.

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Once again, it's all abut insubordination. A lot of citizens around the world simply don't realize that the stakes for world domination has been increased due to the SURPRISING Arab Spring. BTW, this analysis is spot on...


In their efforts to consolidate the reign of big capital worldwide, captains of global finance use a variety of methods. The preferred method is usually non-military, that is, the neoliberal strategies of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs), carried out by representatives of big business disguised as elected officials, or by the multilateral institutions such as the IMF and the WTO. This is what is currently happening in the debt- and deficit-ridden economies of the United States and Europe. But if a country like Libya (or Venezuela or Iran or Cuba) does not go along with the neoliberal agenda of "structural adjustments," of outsourcing and privatization, and of allowing their financial system to be tied to the network of global banking cartel, then the military option is embarked upon to carry out the neoliberal agenda.

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The Perils of Insubordination - Why Regime Change in Libya? By ISMAEL HOSSEIN-ZADEH

To the chagrin of US imperialism, Libya's Gaddafi also refused to join the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), designed to control valuable resources in Africa, safeguard trade and investment markets in the region, and contain or evict China from North Africa. "When the US formed AFRICOM in 2007, some 49 countries signed on to the US military charter for Africa but one country refused: Libya. Such a treacherous act by Libya's leader Moummar Qaddafi would only sow the seeds for a future conflict down the road in 2011" [5].

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