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NATO allies rule out sending troops to Ukraine as Russia rebukes Macron

By Andreas Rinke and Guy Faulconbridge

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This plan - which someone has planned out - is clearly outrageous and a shocker.

Macron needs a reality check. Fico of Slovakia, who attended the meeting, was angered there was no mention or talk of a peace settlement or words to that effect.

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Sanity prevails, but the US special interest war monger globalists running 1600 are surely none too happy their boy Macron is getting slapped hard!

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I have no problem with European military deployment to Ukraine if they want,

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@JJE, HopeSpringsEternal,

Keep those Putin propaganda posts coming comrades!

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NATO requires consensus on troop deployment, not a French Cowboy trying to reenact Napolean back in the day!

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The possibility in particular of German troops being deployed to ex-Soviet territory is hugely sensitive for Russia, whose fierce resistance to Hitler's invasion during World War Two is an integral part of national identity.

While the Nazis invaded with their European accomplices, let's not forget the French Grand Armee under Napoleon ruthlessly invaded with a cohort of accomplices too.

Moscow would clearly view any foreign intervention supporting the Kyiv regime as legitimate targets. That's a no-brainer.

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Comrade, Russia allied their accomplice Hitler to ruthlessly invade Europe:

Here is a starting point for your research:


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While the Nazis invaded with their European accomplices, let's not forget the French Grand Armee under Napoleon ruthlessly invaded with a cohort of accomplices too

So you don’t like the idea of ruthlessly invading countries?

That’s progress of a kind.

I wouldn’t get too carried away with comparisons with military invasions 2 centuries ago. I can’t claim to have read half of the books written on the subject, but I think a few things have changed since then.

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The reason this is a proxy war with no direct NATO involvement and even strict rules that NATO weapons cannot be used inside Russia is that NATO is well aware that Russian military doctrine requires Russia to make the first strike to have any chance of "winning" in a full NATO war. This would involve small tactical nuclear weapons on air bases, ports and military bases. The Ukraine is not of such importance to the west. Macron forgot this.

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While the Nazis invaded Poland with their Russian accomplices, let's not forget the current invasion of Ukraine by Putin.

Europe would clearly view any further Russian escalation as legitimate provocation. That's a no-brainer.

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Indicative of the real situation. The “allies against Russia” are beginning to come apart at the seams - and well they might.

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@JJE, HopeSpringsEternal,

Keep those Putin propaganda posts coming comrades!

I agree, its good to see posts that bring the another perspective and bring balance to the discussion rather than just having one sided NATO/Pentagon propaganda posts only.

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If Nato getting involved in the war, Russia wont have easy days there anymore and they will see the real color of the Allies. Anyway now is not the time yet.

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NATO forces fighting directly against those Russian invaders won't happen.

Not as long as PUTAin and his marauders won't attack a NATO member country.

But - who knows, with that little dictator in the Kremlin everything is possible.

Ukraine needs more military hardware - fact, and it will be delivered sooner than later - fact!

Ukraine prevails!

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It seems that things for Ukraine are becoming desperate as munitions run out. And I don't seem a significant flow of aid is coming anytime soon. Europe's stock of munitions is basically exhausted. Only the US has significant stockpiles and who knows if or when it will come. Macron is speaking the unspeakable because without support Ukraine will fall and then probably bits of Moldova, Balitics states might be next. The Russian economy is on a war footing, and I don't see any reason Putin would stop while America does nothing.

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However, Germany, Britain, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic distanced themselves from any suggestion they might commit ground troops to the Ukraine war, now in its third year.

> "...There will be no ground troops, no soldiers on Ukrainian soil sent there by European countries or NATO states," German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday.

NATO is letting Russia get away with whatever it wants. NATO is showing all the shades of the appeasement of Hitler before the onset of WWII. At this rate, once you decide to send in troops, the war will already be lost and will have widened to other areas. It's coming. The Soviet Union used to control a lot of those areas and Russia still has designs on them now and Putin's flunkies Orban and Lukashenko will be more than willing to help. Any sign of weakness from NATO is a signal for them to push forward. The Russians have been untrustworthy, brutal and hegemonic throughout their history and it's not changing anytime soon.

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Ukraine needs more military hardware - fact, and it will be delivered sooner than later - fact!

Good to know that, hopefully that hardware will have some new, decisive gamechangers that will finally change the game then because none of the others did.

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Yes, that involvement of many countries and now the test balloon launched by Macron already smells like an expansion of that war soon, of course on a more historical time scale, let's say 5 to 15 years from now, and again it's in fact more something about the number one in Europe, again. But listen carefully, this time the outcome is another than the usually expected ones, not a winner like France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc, no it's very easy to predict, that Europe will disappear and the global South will take over the remains of ALL involved currently. I really recommend that they all switch on their heads, end that war immediately, sit down at the negotiation table and try something very different and much more necessary, especially border closures and measures against own population shrinking. This is easy to understand, isn't it? And admitted , basically the idea's kernel, it's not even from me , but had already been predicted by another famous Frenchman quite some centuries ago.

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Not a good idea to escalate. Better to send weapons and aid.

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NATO requires consensus on troop deployment, not a French Cowboy trying to reenact Napolean back in the day!

Let me remind you that the only one trying to reenact Napoleon is Putin.

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Biden is in political trouble,with a sizeable vote Uncommitted and 300 thousand more Republican voters,maybe the Ukrainain will bail out ,not likely in Michigan

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Ukraine prevails!

Do tell how this is going to happen. The majority of weapons they received for their "grand offensive" have been destroyed. They will not be getting anywhere near that number in replacements. The offensive was by Ukraine's admission a disappointment, or in reality a disaster. With the best army they had they couldn't break Russian defenses. How are they going to do this with an even weaker army? The sanctions have at best had very little effect on Russia's ability to wage war. The Ukraine is finding it difficult to recruit able bodied fighters , the average age of fighters is in mid 40's while Russia got 40,000 volunteers from January to the middle of February. Russia has the capacity to manufacture its own military hardware, with the bonus of Iranian, North Korean and probably Chinese gifts. Ukraine relies on NATO old stock gifts. If there are any winners in this pointless conflict, it isn't going to be Ukraine.

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