NATO apologizes for 9 Afghan civilian deaths


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Hi there, why no comments here?

kill and apologize that sounds let's do it and apologize. how cheap non-NATO people they are? Finally they are seeking peace.

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"We have told the Americans and NATO forces several times that uncoordinated operations will result in the killing of innocent civilians and that such operations are inhumane, but still no one has listened" Why would they, its the American way of doing things, a bit of collateral damage never mind.

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So long as people believe in organizations like NATO, the IMF, and the UN, the American way shall continue.

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The Taliban and radical left will exploit should be kept to a minimum.

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lesgrande:"So long as people believe in organizations like NATO, the IMF, and the UN, the American way shall continue."

You apparently believe in none of the above.

So, uh, how do you feel about the Taliban?

Am I getting warm?

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When's the last time the Taliban apologized for killing civilians?

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Serrano - excellent point. I mean, NATO and the Taliban are basically just the same thing, right?

The Afghan government asks for foreign help to fight the Taliban, and the foreign fighters keep killing civilians. You don't understand why this can be slightly upsetting to the Afghan people they are there fighting to protect.

Oh, the ingratitude...

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Hiko, NATO has killed way more Taliban than civilians. And even with improved technology, civilians still get killed. War is hell, isn't it? So, when was the last time the Taliban apologized for killing civilians?

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Being upset is one thing. Making it seem like that's all NATO does is mostly propaganda so absurd it could be used as a Taliban press release. Literally.

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So long as you look at this from the POV of a chess player, you will never understand the feelings of the Afghan people. You have to look at it from the perspective of a chess piece, which the Afghanis effectively are.

You can reason with a Taliban soldier holding a knife or a gun, who has invaded your house. You can give in to his demands, beg for your life, even join the Taliban and live another day. And the Taliban don't slaughter children as far as I know.

But you can't reason with the pilots raining bombs down on your house. It just kills you and your whole family, and yes, the neighbors take notice, I would say especially in this case. Note the use of the word "compound" in the article. I bet it was more like the home of a fairly wealthy and influential family in the area.

Its not just about the quantity of civilians killed. Its also about the quality. That means the status of those killed, the dramatic way in which they were killed, the mechanical way of doing it with machines from far away, and the fact that so many children were obliterated in one fell swoop.

The chess pieces will reject NATO for these things. NATO and the troops just don't have the heart to fight that battle, they have no cause to truly believe in and die for, and so they will not take any risks to their lives. And so NATO cannot hope to win out in the end. Might as well leave now.

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mintgreen: And the Taliban don't slaughter children as far as I know.

I suppose we should blame the media for people like you.

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Two Afghani women meet at a well. One says "Remember when the Taliban used to whip us for not wearing burkhas?"

The other says "Remember Amena and her children who were killed by a NATO airstrike?"

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About 75% of the civilian casualties are caused by the Taliban. Here we have one guy "guessing" that they don't kill children, and then it's followed up by another guy whose statement would only make sense if the numbers were reversed.

And to think these people might be voting on important issues....kinda scary.

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