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NATO denounces Russia for violating Turkish airspace


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@lostrune2"It wasn't a mistake. Russia did it twice".

So what ? The Russians are effectively bombing Islamic fanatics now. Who cares of minor violations of Turkish airspace ?

Those countries would care. Iran would care if the US violates its airspace while bombing ISIS.

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@lostrune2"It wasn't a mistake. Russia did it twice".

So what ? The Russians are effectively bombing Islamic fanatics now. Who cares of minor violations of Turkish airspace ?

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First; Turkey doesn't bomb Kurds. The army bombs locations of a terrorist organization named PKK which has killed more than 120 citizens of Turkey since July. Mostly soldiers&police forces including a doctor, children and civilians(mostly kurdish citizens). They plant bombs in even primary schools. And PYD is an affiliate of PKK in Syria which is so called fights with ISIL. PKK and PYD exchange militants, guns etc. So if fighting with ISIL clarifies a terrorist organization, then let's honour EL NUSRA which is an affiliate of AL QAIDE in Syria. They also fight with ISIL. But guess what, Coalition also bomb them. Please read something before you talk.

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Any reason why you habitually single out black politicians? Is it because you are Republican?

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I encourage obama to go to Kenya. Condeleeza Rice, J Jackson, Colin Powell, Al Sharpton, King Jr, Ben Carson. . . Etc. can stay. They're "real" americans. Paid dues.

Not like sum washed-up lawyer/organizer who promised "change" and is destroying america. Good grief.

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No one's stopping you from moving to Russia. Some might even encourage it.

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Russia has an old savvy political cat- Putin. Former KGB Lieutenant Colonel, educated, pair of balls. . . .

US has a yellow weakling who talks mumbo-jumbo and makes a disaster of his foreign policy agendas. 200,000 Syrian coming to america soon? He bought that line. . .

But hey, don't blame me. I didn't vote for "change".

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Do you really see no difference between the US and Russia?

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The intrusions, which come amid deep suspicions and mutual distrust between Moscow and the West over Russia’s military action in Syria

Oh, let me see. I'm sure obama, erdogan and rest of UN have russia and putin quaking in their boots & gnawing at their fingernails.

He who dares wins. NATO's reaction is just as uncertain as the obama administration.

The United States is leading a coalition that is carrying out airstrikes in Syria

No it's not. Not anymore (thanks to an inept US administration). Russian is the leading force carrying out strikes.

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In light of American remote control missile strikes in Pakistan, and violations of Iran's, Syria's, China's and even Sweden's airspace in recent years, this complaint is like a poorly timed joke.

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Incredible. NATO, which is already acting illegally, now looks like it is itching to start another war. These NATO politians do not speak for me.

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NATO denunciation is akin to a serial killer denouncing a petty thief for stealing some water.

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It wasn't a mistake. Russia did it twice. It was over an area of Turkey that used to be part of Syria that Syria does not recognize as Turkey's. So in Syrian maps, it's still Syrian territory, but in international maps, it's Turkey territory.

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NATO denounces Russia for violating Turkish airspace

Doesn't Turkey and the United States, two NATO members, violate the Syrian airspace and sovereignty almost on a daily basis?

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Perhaps the Turks should stop violating Syrian airspace in order to bomb the Kurds?

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Politics and the #%*p they feed us. The west want ISIS out, ISIS caused the huge EU refugee crisis,nobody wanted to tackle Assad and Syria because of Russia, Now Russia is getting rid of ISIS and other organisations but that upsets the west.When the west wanted to get rid of Muammar Gaddfi what did they do ? and look at Libya now, when the west wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein what did they do ? and look at Iraq now. ISIS is a global threat, to be eliminated as soon as possible, muslim extremist groups world wide are aligning themselves with ISIS. I really don't care what Russia's ultimate aim is, did we Question the the US and their coalition partners over their ultimate aim in Iraq and Libya. Politicians don't care about the thousands of innocent lives that have ben lost, or that millions have lost their homes ,or those refugees living in camps. So back to politics and the establishments, they are causing chaos word wide. The whole problem in the middle east had nothing to do with the west in the first place,they knew little of the religion , the tribal customs, this was was a problem to be sorted out by the middle east themselves. Note that all the powerful middle eastern muslim religious leaders have been silent, I wonder why.

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Pssh Turkey is a hypocrite they bomb kurds and let ISIS do their thing they really need stop calling the Kettle black but the Kettle in question is doing more than Pot.

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Turkey, the country that pretended to bomb ISIS but instead bombed the Kurds who are fighting ISIS? That Turkey? The airbase might still be useful, but otherwise Turkey is unsuitable as an ally. If NATO is so concerned about airspace, they ought to stay out of Syrian airspace.

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