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NATO leaders seek to bolster Ukraine as gloom grows

By Shaun Tandon and Max Delany

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Planet Earth and humankind are thirsting for peace. World leaders are trying their best to bend low to uplift the lowly, the poor, the hungry, the sick, the homeless, the refugees, the marginalized, the victims of exploitation, trafficking and injustices.

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Hands across America again for Zelensky and yet another international cope conference designed to bolster egos in the face of reality. Look who's talking - the guy who put his foot in it at the debate, now hiding behind a teleprompter.

The night of July 8th was a disaster for NATO AD systems in Ukraine. The ground, sea and air launched integrated attack was enormous, effective and well thought out; they are attempting to coverup the losses and paper over it with a hysterical narrative which happens before every international conference of this nature.

Key point is to watch the actual geolocated videos of the strikes filmed by locals.

What is left over of Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO. Moscow won't allow it.

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where a children's hospital was reduced to debris.

Who knows what actually happened in this instance, but Russia has claimed it's able to precisely fire missiles, and when It's bombed hospitals in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere denied responsibility saying the hospitals were hiding places for weapons, but never admitting it was Russia that invaded, fired the first shots, and armed Russian sympathizers living in Ukraine thereby up ramping up Russian military actions in Ukrainian territory. Russia's war crimes keep adding up, while civilians including children keep being slaughtered, on a children aside, is Putin going to return the Ukrainian children to their blood families in Ukraine, or does he expect to train them for his next wars?

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JJEToday 05:40 pm JST

What is left over of Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO. Moscow won't allow it.

Thankfully Moscow can't afford to have a say, but they will pretend like they did something.

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NATO leaders

...same one that says Putin was a cuddly bear who doesn't know the true value of Russian energy.

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"Make no mistake. Ukraine can -- and will -- stop Putin," Biden said forcefully to applause.

In what universe? Ukraine can only do what US funding allows them to do. And what does "stop Putin" is supposed to mean anyway? The great debater Biden fails to clarify.

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In 2014, the White Bloc decided it wanted to control the grain fields of Ukraine and found extremists willing to overthrow democracy who would give them that control in exchange for 'legitimacy'.

The problem was that while these extremists could seize and rule the capital and the western part of territory, the bulk of the grain fields (and industry) was in the east, that rejected the coup, and resisted the extremists successfully, resulting in a peace deal that gave the east limited independence and self rule.

But that wasn't acceptable to the war hawks of the White Bloc (who were losing economic, industrial, and technological dominance) or the extremists who were finding that the funds the territory they controlled wouldn't be enough to keep them in control for long, and bye bye peace deal.

But the second attempt to seize control over the grain fields failed, partly because there were a lot of people in the military units the extremists had inherited who didn't want to kill Ukrainians for the extremists, and a lot of Ukrainians who didn't like the extremists enough that they'd fight against them, resulting in a new peace deal that gave the east more independence and self rule.

Of course, that didn't sit well with the extremists and war hawks, who concentrated on building up stockpiles of weapons and people who were willing to use them until they decided the time had come to bid bye bye to the peace deal, again, and failed, again, resulting in another new peace deal that gave the east effective autonomy.

Another cycle of build up convinced the extremists and the War Hawks they could seize control over the east, and it is possible that they might have (though in a rather pyrrhic fashion) but Russia objected to this in escalating terms diplomatically that were ignored until it intervened directly.

Which leads to the present, where the extremists and war hawks refuse to accept a peace deal that puts the grain fields completely out of their reach for the foreseeable future and have to pretend that there is still a way to seize control, while the cost of trying continues to escalate, while the chances of even a pyrrhric victory becomes ever more remote.

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Its paywalled and I can't read the story, this popped up on my Twitter. The Telegraph is as Establishment as they come and they are saying NATO does not want Ukraine anyway. If this is a merely excuse for a different real reason, whoever gave this excuse was still happy to press the big button marked "publically humiliate Zelensky".


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Strange how Russia's economy has been growing so much compared to the west ever since they were sanctioned. As the Chinese say, please sanction our football team.

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