NATO faces Afghan dilemma as U.S. draws down, attacks mount


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Taliban don't think lying to non-believers is a problem.

Sadly, for Afghanistan to have peace, the govt will need to share power with the religious parts. Unfortunately, those zealots don't want to share power at all. In their mind, it is only their way or violence continues.

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All foreign governments involved militarily - in any way - in Afghanistan need to leave.

Afghanistan has resources nations around the globe want. Let Afghanistan's people decide for themselves which states they'll trade with. Assuming they want to trade.

One of the many failings of capitalism has been powerful states invading and raiding other states to get resources.

Way passed time for economies everywhere to rely more on resources found within their own borders to develop the things they need. Greater attention needs to be paid to materials development and alternatives to using so many resources. And to conservation.

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As US draws down in Afghanistan, NATO feels being left behind alone. They could hardly offer any help to the Afghan government to contain the recent rise in violence and murder.

Let the Afghans deal with their own people, one way or another, successfully or otherwise. After 18 years, a long time of occupation by any measure, would the west not just withdraw completely and not return..?

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Trump make bilateral action without concern for his allies.

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bin Laden was killed off in 2010. Al Qaida isn't as big a problem now and this whole Afghan war is a waste of $, resources and lives. It's time for our forces to leave Afghanistan. it's been 19 years already.

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How are they gonna verify if the Taliban are to be trusted to follow the deal

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If you care, some will die and the more you care the more will die. So where is the dilemma? Leave it, build a wall around, anything similar. Then it is peaceful on both sides, otherwise never. It’s exactly that easy.

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