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NATO secretary-general says some allies have air defense systems they could give to Ukraine


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"NATO is a more powerful entity as compared to Russia."


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Ukraine never expected to be at war with "big brother Russia". That was a political mistake that they have been paying since 2014. Same for Georgia.

Strong walls make for good neighbors.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

Ukraine didn't learn those lessons. The cost for those political mistakes has been very high, much higher than staying armed and prepared would have cost. Taiwan and other border states near Russia need to get their military spending and train the people they will need to fight when an invasion happens now, not AFTER the invasion is weeks away.

Every country with a border near other countries that might invade needs to pay attention. You have a choice. Prepare for war or prepare to be taken over. Those are the choices.

I'll leave it to the people here to decide who will try to invade another country and keep the land forever.

Ukraine will have an unpaid debt to much of Europe and the US for the next 50 yrs. Putin wants the USSR back together, a little at a time. Until he is removed from power, it will be a risk to those countries who are not prepared and haven't joined NATO and the EU. Hungry and Belarus political leaders think that appeasement will work. I have doubts about that.

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JJEToday 09:08 am JST

Stoltenberg looks like a used-car-salesman selling lemons.

Still better than the reanimated corpses Russia sends out.

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Putin continues to keep everyone suckered into his military operation

Not good !

Is Turkey actually gonna provide any to Ukraine ?

I doubt it

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A patriot cannot stop a guided gps bomb

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Stoltenberg looks like a used-car-salesman selling lemons.

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Moscow will whack any western-supplied systems in the SMO zone. They will not allow the Kyiv-regime to reanimate itself.


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