NATO under friendly fire as leaders ready for London summit


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NATO continues to be undermined (as does the EU) as the Russian Federation's Eurasian Economic Union creeps (and oil/gas seeps) deeper into 'western' Europe, while Trump and his GOP backers like McConnell, Graham, Kennedy etal continue to receive political and financial support from oligarchs while moving to distance the US from its historical allies.

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It's just so sad that the leaders of the great western nations must arrange their meeting to avoid toddler tantrums from a 73 year old man who lacks the skills to cooperate with anyone, much less to lead.  And, btw, they should have learned in the 1930's that appeasing madmen doesn't work.

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The weakening of NATO will delight the Putins of this world. It must not be allowed to happen.

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Putin's No. 1 policy goal is to undermine NATO - one of the West's most successful alliances that has kept first the Soviet Union, and now a belligerent Russia in check for over 60 years.

And he's pursuing that goal through his puppet Trump...who as his own staff has described, when it comes to geopolitics and security issues, has the understanding of a fifth grader.

Strengthen NATO, not weaken it...

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Is it time for a NATO rethink. Born out of the Soviet Cold War long past. Maybe a new European military force solely for the purpose of only defending Europe and not requiring American membership. No more foreign wars and bombings.

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Macron wants strategic talks about where NATO is going, who its adversaries really are, how to tackle terrorism, what to do about an unpredictable ally like Turkey, and how to improve relations with Russia, rather than a spend a third summit in self-flagellation about Trump’s favorite topic: military spending.

Macron, and Trump, are correct. NATO members need to have a very serious discussion about what they intend to be in the future. And it needs to eject the very unreliable, untrustworthy Turkey. If NATO is ever called upon to actually defend it's members from attack, would they be better off with, or without, Turkey on their side?

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Turkey should not be part of any new European military force.

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