NATO wants to fight climate change – the trick is to make armies green but strong


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It's fanciful to believe we can have green armies. The mindset of war is the mindset of exploitation of the planet and each other; displacing chaos onto others now and in future. Ultimately, the mindset that produces real peace will not ravage the Earth either.

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Depleted uranium weapons are green, I think?

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RodneyToday  07:18 am JST

Depleted uranium weapons are green, I think?

Considering they are less radioactive than naturally occurring uranium, yes, they probably are.

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Focus on winning wars. If there are simple things that don't jeopardize the mission, then fine, but the world is too dangerous at the moment to not have maximum preparedness.

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Stoltenberg warned that nations must be wary of creating new dependencies, notably on authoritarian countries like China, for rare earth minerals like lithium and cobalt used in the manufacture of batteries and solar panels and windmills.

these aren’t rare earth minerals and the ones referred to are found in abundance outside of china.

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Haha, don’t have those paper tigers something else to do? If they really want to turn green, they have to dissolve themselves, that’s the only possible option in that theoretical case. I guess they don’t want that and instead remain the fossil users and polluters they of course naturally are and ever will be if they feel a responsibility to the tasks they have to fulfill.

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Given the fact the US military is probably the largest culprit to global warming and more guilty of destroying nature than protecting it.

I thought you were proud of China having the largest navy in the world. Are they powered by hydrogen or something?

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I know, why not give every fighting soldier a packet of seeds with various plants and shrubs and ask him to plant one for every enemy soldier he kills or wounds. There you go, a greener planet whilst at war....../s.

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NATO wants to fight climate change – the trick is to make armies green but strong

LOL !! With all the hot air coming out of NATO and Stolenberg....thats impossible.

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If there's a real urgent climate emergency then there is no choice

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But war or no war no country seems to be serious in meeting their pledges

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China is basically unstoppable short of a unwinnable war to slow them down or mutually assured destruction.

No country is unstoppable and doubly so for a corrupt dictatorship. The Chinese may be hard workers but they will still experience diminishing productivity as they grow old like every other country on the planet. Basically another version of Japan and we all know how that threat panned out.

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