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Navalny's mother visits grave after funeral draws thousands


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There should have been an autopsy in the West. I bet that is what Navalny would have wanted.

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ThubanToday 06:45 am JST

The mother of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny visited his grave on Saturday,

She has a right to mourn her son's passing.

She was not arrested and she speaks freely and moves about Russia freely.

Let's see if that continues when they take up the protest against Putin.

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and how about his wife.....

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Can't help feeling extremely disappointed in the lack of speeches censuring the deranged Putin and his toxic acolytes by the leaders of all the free countries of the world, for having murdered the opposition leader Navalny. Nothing from the head of the UN either - pathetic.

How can such barbaric behaviour be just brushed under the carpet ?

Navalny represented the possibility of a much brighter future for Russia, to make Russia a normal country again. Problem is, Putin just snuffed this out like swatting a fly.

The barbarism and repressive cruelties will just continue unchecked and unabated, as though the rest of the world is impotent to act and bring about changes. The prospect of Revolution by the people seems so utterly remote now.

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