238 killed in Philippines typhoon


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Tough typhoon season for the pacific this year. Hope these people get help soon!

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Wow, that's huge and harsh again for the poor long-suffering people there.

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Those poor souls. So sad.

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megosaa, if your comment is a joke, it's in incredibly poor taste.

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Lack of preparation, poor housing in vulnerable areas, signs of deforestation due to overpopulation. It is not about the strength of the typhoon. It is about the conditions these people live in.

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Sad, although note difference in press hysteria (much less) when compared to "Superstorm Sandy"

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This sounds like one hell of a typhoon!! I do hope the international community can come to the aid of all of these suffering people down in the Philippines ASAP !

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Where's Manny and his millions to lend a hand to his people he's supposed to be representing ?

I've been to Manilla many times on business, one part you'll have a dealership selling new cars and a block and a half later shanty town with no electricity and clean running water . Like Avi said it poorly prepared to handle these typhoons.

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According to the news, the govt had prepared them for the typhoon a week before. Unfortunately, those who were affected were in the areas based from the geohazard map are prone to landslides, with or with illegal logging or mining. Another thing is that the flashfloods were caused by overflowing rivers in the mountains and the some twisters that the residents saw.

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megosaa, just seemed like mocking.

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Herve Nmn L'EisaDEC. 05, 2012 - 06:45PM JST megosaa, if your comment is a joke, it's in incredibly poor taste.

what joke? i got pinoy blood.

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this is bad. still two hundred and porty one missing and counting! too tousand twelb, year of the typhoon.

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