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Nearly 50 million children uprooted worldwide: UNICEF


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My heart goes out to all the children displaced from their home countries, from war, violence or persecution. Children are so important and they should have a right to grow and have a life, a family and children of their own. They should be given a chance to do so. If we had no children then there would be no future generations. Then what would happen? No more descendants, nobody to carry down our ancestor's legacy's. Sometimes it is hard to raise children, they need our love and patience and our guidance, to put them on the right paths of life. But do not abandon them, they depend on you. And they love you. If you feel you cannot cope with the children for whatever reason you have, talk to someone, see a counselor, doctor or a close friend. Sometimes just a few words from them can be a big help to you. Love your children with all your heart. They are our legacy.

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UNICEF makes this heart rending plea yet at the same tine we should examine where the group gas an HQ and how much it pays its staff-for this reason I prefer to directly give my money to the Big Issue sellers......

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But do not abandon them, they depend on you.

I don't think abandonment is the issue here. As the article states, "war, violence, or persecution" are the primary causes behind why forcing children are seeking new homes. In other words, their parents or caregivers are very likely dead.

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If the idea of so many child refugees living in squalid camps and relying on food handouts disturbs you, you might find this article even more disturbing, I know I did:


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Maybe UNICEF should also lobby the armaments producers such as the UK, France and the US not to send their weapons to kill the poor of the world!Take Syria as an example and Yemen etc

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It truly is sad that the US "election" fiasco generates so many more comments and emotion than this article.

I feel awful for these children.

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