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Nearly 60 mil people internally displaced worldwide in 2021


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...and yet POTUS has just encouraged two scandi nations to change the status quo, at this most inopportune time, whilst there is a war going on over the same grievance (expansion of NATO).

If POTUS is providing the same support provided to Ukraine, the only possible conclusion is there will be more refugees. Ukraine 'may' win the war and votes for POTUS, but civilians will loose.

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Nearly 60 M people internally displaced worldwide in 2021:

This occurred mainly in war-torn countries, be it civil war or invasion. They are about 3 times as many as those who sought refuge in other countries.

They are the forgotten lots, hardly cared by their own governments.

Who are the culprits responsible for all those wars..?

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They seem to have one common denominator.

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Migrants will decide for the future of the Planet. Their adventures will shape our global philosopy. That's inevitable.

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