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Nearly half billion people lack decent jobs: U.N.


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.....and a lot are in Japan.

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.....and a lot are in Japan.

How? This might be one of the very few places you can work anytime anywhere with anything and get paid anytime you want. Walk around Nishinari (Osaka slum) at 3am and you will witness a massive number of vans with "jobdealers" scouting people to work, Japan is desperate for workers to keep its pace but in my opinion Japan should just chill a little bit sometimes.

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This is a huge international scandal, a disgrace.

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Education is the way up.

Unskilled labor will always struggle compared to high school graduates.

On average, a college education will lead to a better paycheck than no college, but that isn't always true.

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In many corporate operations, due to labor-cost reductions, many eager workers are prevented from working more as they desire. Leading "Eikaiwa" included.

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