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Nelson Mandela was a hero of immeasurable proportions. I has been an honor just to have been able to witness what he was able to accomplish for his people and his country.

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the man who Margaret Thatcher once call a terrorist that went on to show the world the meaning of dignity and forgiveness....

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History is full of people who tried to change the world for the worse.

He was one man who immeasurably changed the world for the better. He may have moved on but his work will be with us forever.

RIP Nelson Mandella.

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A wonderful, wonderful, great man.

His life and his accomplishments are an inspiration for us all.

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R.i.p. Madiba

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Respect !

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We have lost a giant. RIP to one of my heroes.

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the man who Margaret Thatcher once call a terrorist that went on to show the world the meaning of dignity and forgiveness....

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. 62 people died in the MK's bombing campaign. The cause was just, but the techniques were those we associate with terrorism.

His death really is the end of an era though. Obviously a remarkable man and one who appeared to bear no ill will against the people who locked him up and effectively enslaved his people.

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RIP to one of the greatest leaders who ever lived

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Read his autobiography and two things I still remember.One,don't be afraid to offer your hand first and the second was the cockroaches in his cell were his friends.The man had class and dignity that whether you admired him or not,could only render you to respect him.

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I think really he died some time ago and was being kept alive with life support machines. In the end not even able to speak because of tubes into his lungs. I'm happy his suffering is over for him.

One of the most remarkable people in the history of all humanity.

Sad for his family, sad for South Africa, sad for the world. They have lost a great Tata or father.

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Rest in peace, Tata.

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ok, but drop the caps!

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A Great man have passed away.

You have done a wonders for the all of Africa and its people.

Rest in Peace.

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He will be remembered as the greatest mentor for freedom and democracy.

Hope J. politician ISHIBA who called political protesters as terrorists need to learn something from Mandera. Can he learn? I doubt it.

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His funeral will be the biggest and greatest since the death of JFK. I hope his surviving family will show dignity over his $25 million fortune, which he made mostly from becoming a worldwide brandname.

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RIP to a true hero and a real leader. But to get to his age with what he experienced shows the sheer tenacity and will of the man. He will surely be remembered. Sad day.

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Goodbye, to a good man.

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RIP Madiba.

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One of the heroes of our time. A giant. I don't believe in calling the death of a 95 year-old a 'sad day' - it should be a celebration of a long life and this was a life very well lived.

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If you haven't read it yet Best autobiography ever.

A flawed hero but who is without flaws. Shame his message never really spread to the rest of the continent, regardless of the color of the regime. RIP Tata.

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A giant has died today. A human who overcame so much personal tragedy to give all that he was to a cause, a nation, all of us. I took the day off from classes to watch him walk free and it seems that for a while we all walked with him. Sad, but happy for what he achieved, if only we could all reach as far. An absolute inspiration. Rest easy Mr. Mandela. x

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I really respect nelson san. ReSt in PeAcE uncle nelson.

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RIP - indeed a long well-lived life. But during these times our world is spiralling backwards so fast no one notices, it's still so very sad to lose one of the few good ones left.

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Bush's predecessor Bill Clinton had a higher opinion of Mandela.

This is a strange sentence given that the previous paragraph is Mandela criticising Bush not the other way around. Wasn't Mandela on the US terror watch list until 2008, and therefore for Clinton's whole time as president? Bush was actually the one who took him off.

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What a sad day for S.A and the world.

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He really was a leader...a real world leader..not much inspiration around these days....and he inspired the Special AKA to write free Nelson Mandela which is one of the best songs around!!

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I hope people don't start comparing Mandela with Ghandi. Ghandi achieved what he did without violence, using civil disobedience. I respect Mandela for South Africa's transformation from an oppressive regime to a true democracy, but he was no saint.

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A great human being, and great leader. He had his own age. We will miss him!

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@Ah_so re"62 people died in the MK's bombing campaign". Thanks for mentioning this. I feel that even as we mourn the great man it does a disservice to everyone to whitewash history and forget that the politics of repression and resistance is a complex matter. The truth is the truth. I think living in Japan makes you sensitive to those who would sugarcoat the past. That said, I think that when Mandela himself was on Umkhonto we Sizwe operations the bombing targets were government installations such as electricity substations. Most (all?) the attacks that claimed the lives of civilians came long after Mandela was in jail as far as I know. Still, if your people were in chains, what would you do?

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Mandela's release and subsequent election was one of the GOOD things that came out of the 1990's. More respect to him now that I see he criticized Bush for starting the war in Iraq back when it was instead fashionable to jump on Bush's bandwagon. Though labeled a terrorist early on, he was ultimately revealed to be a rock-steady man of peace.

RIP Nelson Mandela. The world is a bit darker with your passing.

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You have to agree that Mandela did a good job for the world and SA in particular. Sorry to see him go. I hope he's remembered 1000 years from now.

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Learning more about his early struggles in South Africa I've discovered that he had a brief association with Communists in his pre-prison days. Kind of like the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That didn't seem to keep him from turning out to be a splendid revolutionary. Probably the last of the great statesmen on the world scene and his passing leaves a huge empty pair of shoes that no one around today seems remotely capable of filling. An amazing man and incredible leader in the cause for mans natural right to freedom.

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