Nepal quake death toll tops 4,000; villages plead for aid


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our prayer are with you Nepalese

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“We can’t reach the embassy. We want to leave. We are scared. There is no food. We haven’t eaten a meal since the earthquake and we don’t have any news about what’s going on,” she said.

Even we do not have any news from rich capitalist countries about what's going on...It appears that only India is (seriously and sincerely) engaged in rescue works.

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Even we do not have any news from rich capitalist countries about what's going on...It appears that only India is (seriously and sincerely) engaged in rescue works.

What a load of pap, from the absurd "rich capitalist countries" comment to the unfounded claim that "Only India" is helping out.

One, India is, geographically speaking, right next door. So it makes sense that aid from India (also a capitalist country, btw) would arrive quickly.

Two, China has also sent rescue crews. China was able to get those crews there quickly because China too is, geographically speaking, right next door.

Three, Pakistan has already dispatched rescue teams and medical teams via C-130 transport planes to Nepal. They will arrive shortly, if not already, because they are, dare I say it? geographically right next door.

The United States has offered up US$10 million in aid on top of a 70 search-and-rescue/medical personal and 45 square tons of supplies that are slated to arrive in Kathmandu today, Monday the 28th. The U.K. has released some US$7 million in aid to supplement a flight some 30 tons of emergency materials, including 1,100 emergency shelter kits and 1,700 solar lanterns to help families that have lost their homes. It took more than 6 hours to load these materials into the planes, and many more to gather them to the departure point for loading and departure. That plane should be arriving today as well, if not already.

It also bears mentioning that the Tribhuvan International Airport is currently a scene of utter bedlam, as many of the over 300,000 foreign tourists currently in Nepal are seeking to return to the relative safety of their home countries.

It bears further understanding that a direct flight to Kathmandu is over 13 hours. So, no, international aid is not going to appear from those evil, capitalist dogs on the other side of the planet instantly.

So, please, don't insult the readers here and the victims of this tragic natural disaster with your soapbox rants about rich, capitalist countries not doing enough. You're barking up quite the wrong tree here in a spectacularly embarrassing fashion.

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The earthquake which jolted massively Nepal and touched India as well on 25 April 2015 was predicted by this writer in some way much earlier on 2 June 2014 . In this regard this writer would like readers to have a look at monumental article - Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016 - published on 2 June 2014 at :- and find three factors :-

(1). Aspects of life that could be vulnerable to planetary influences :-

Earthquakes, beside more.

(2). Countries or regions likely to be impacted by planetary effects :-

" B" and "N" , among others. B indicates Bharat and Bangladesh and N indicates Nepal.

(3). Timing :-

" Unwelcome influences on the world economy around April 2015 and thereafter suggest that discernible concerns could surface around April 2015 and onwards. Definite rumbles of distress will be heard".

These details make it clear that this writer had substantially hinted the massive tragedy of 25 April 2015 though in the context or content of global economy.

Planetary impact on "N" was so so strong that a day earlier on 24 April, 2015 , Newzealand was rocked by earthquake of 6.3 richer scale. Reports suggest that though some damage to property was caused but no casualty reported as counter arrangements were said to be sufficient and appropriate.

kushal kumar

202- GH28, Mansarovar Apartments,

Sector 20 , Panchkula, Haryana,

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Biggest problem with a situation of this sort is that Nepal is a remote landlocked country with limited access by land over steep terrain and bad roads probably damaged by the earthquakes and the small poorly operated airports. I spent time in Kathmandu working with the Nepalese government agencies a while back and I doubt much has changed. They are seriously third world a but a kind people and we need to provide as much help as possible and quickly to prevent the injured from dying and diseases from starting and killing more, These people need doctors, medicines, clean water and food.

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I was shocked to read the utter shameless nonsense written by some14some and second all that LFRAgain wrote. Japan sent a crew of 70 to start (more expected to follow) but they have been unable to land in Katmandhu because of the chaotic situation at the airport compounded by the constant aftershocks. Other countries are in the same situation with their crews waiting at various locations waiting to get into Nepal.

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It's me who is shocked at such a slow response by global community when people are pleading for aid even after 72 hrs. China's rescue team consists of 26 members and focused on small region Tibet only. Japan's rescue team is yet to arrive and all other countries are busy 'loading' aid material but were quick to send digital sympathies. Anyway, now i look forward to UNESCO volunteers all over asking for donations in rich and poor countries, pls contribute generously.

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"Two teams of U.S. Army Green Beret soldiers happened to be in Nepal when the quake struck, and the 26 Americans — who were training with the Nepalese army — are staying to help with search-and-relief efforts."

This is good news.

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It's me who is shocked at such a slow response by global community when people are pleading for aid even after 72 hrs.

You are aware of Nepal's actual geographic location, aren't you? Just checking.

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Many remote Nepal airports have each only one runway, that is, if it even survived the damage. Everybody has to wait their turn.

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