Netanyahu accuses Iran of attacking Israeli-owned cargo ship


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"Without offering any evidence to his claim......"

but ..........

"it was indeed an act by Iran, that’s clear.”

So he says, Mr. Netanyahu. How does he know without any evidence?

Is he trying to instigate something?

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If no one else has, but they surely have sufficient evidence. That is very well known and their services are famous for that.

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Children are still dieing from cluster bombs in South Lebanon. War criminal.

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Netanyahu is in the same class as Putin, Xi and Trump. Nothing he says can be trusted or believed.

He needs to be voted out of office and prosecuted for all of his crimes against both Israel and the Palestinians.

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@ Peter14. Fully agree. This man has brought so much disaster in the region. No respect for international law or U.N. resolutions and human rights record regarding the Palestinians. Israel has had nuclear weapons for years but keeps denying it.

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Israel knows how to attack countries in the Middle East. It does not matter if it is the Palestinians or other Arab Nations. They got too comfortable when president "Golden Fool" trump was in office. It is time that they understood that they can not bomb, sabotage or kidnap in other countries when ever they like.

Notice how Israel, Putin, NK, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, China, Philippines, and even Japan have been quiet since Biden got into office. They can not play Pres. Obama's "buddy" like they did trump!

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So when will these two rivals get it over with and have an all out war, then the winner takes it all. LOL

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When someone who rages at the ICC, calls cartoons evidence, who's own antidemocratic, violent regime claims he is a liar and a fraud says 'Trust me' and 'it is absolutely clear that' the odds are he's trying to hide something.

And given that the owner of the ship, if not an actual member of the regime's murder agency, does favours for it, what he's likely covering up is an 'own goal' situation.

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With two holes on either side, why are they calling it 'a blast'? Did four limpet mines go off together?

This is perhaps the fifth or sixth ship that Iranian boats have practiced attacking in this way, including two Japanese oil tankers. Of course you could say that these were all warnings, as they were almost all above the waterline, so no ships have actually been sunk yet.

Come to think of it, a sunken ship in the Hormuz Straits would be a danger to everyone, including Iran's own ships.

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The only photos that I have seen show the damage from inside. Without clear shots from the outside, there remains a possibility that someone could have placed these devices inside the ship while it was in dock.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of attacking an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week, a mysterious explosion that further spiked security concerns in the region.

He is probably right, however I hope he does not manage to drag the US into more warmongering in the the ME. With the neocon-neolib establishment back in power, that chance is slim however.

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In the past with such events, when psychopaths throw unsubstantiated charges at their rivals and there actually has been an 'event', whether false flagged or not, the internet is awash with images of the damage. Not so much, so far, with the MV Helios Ray. What else could cause damage ON BOTH SIDES OF THE SHIP almost simultaneously. It's an automobile carrier. The incident happened right after dinner (~8 pm), everyone relaxing, smoke detector inoperative, no one in the hold to detect the battery fire that was already consuming one car and spreading to others...(?) I would like to see a bit more of the 'damage' before taking the word of someone who is a well known international liar and indicted for potential conviction as a corrupt felon in his own country. That kind of shouting and finger pointing with no basis sort of reminds one of the 'old' American South in some ways, calling upon the prejudices of the mindless responders... and even if Iran or some other ME player were responsible, at least they're not murdering innocent, terrorized women and children with heinous, indiscriminate air attacks that seem to have an unlikely to be random probability of hitting WEDDINGS, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS...but those we only rarely hear of. And we hear way too much of the voices which shout KILL!! Dontcha think...?

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There didn't appear to be any cars in the area damaged, at least none were apparent in the images shown so far. One post here mentions a battery fire but there is nothing in the photos that looks like there was a fire inside the ship. All I see are blast damage from what looks like and external explosion or possibly an impact from a projectile of some sort or maybe an RPG and a lot of splinter damage inside the ship. Did an IRG small boat or more than one boat come up alongside and fire something at the ship? We don't know.

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The problem with the theory that this, and the other ships that suffered explosions in the region, were the result of Iranian speedboat attacks is that in an area where the US and the other members of the Antidemocracy Axis are incessantly flying observation aircraft and those with the capabilities are using satellites to track everything, those accusing Iran have, as usual, nothing but conspiracy theories and their propaganda as 'evidence'

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