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Netanyahu says Israel will not cede land to Palestinians


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I can understand both sides, and while I do believe Isreal should return some areas back to the Palestinians, the Palestinians have had decades of opportunity to prove themselves as peaceful neighbors. All we've seen from Palestine is the same s**t different day/year/decade/etc.

If they were more diplomatic in their actions instead of allowing idiots to go around the border shooting rockets and mortars then this situation would have been much more decisive.

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The Clinton administration warned there would be serious consequences for Mideast Peace and the Palestinians if Yasser Arafat rejected their proposals. Well folks, here we are, the consequences have arrived. The Clinton proposals was the best deal the Palestinians was ever going to get and that shipped sailed long ago.

@jerseryboy - I trust Netanyahu over Obama when it comes to the Palestinians, Arab behavior, Islamic terrorism and the overall appetite for peace in the region. Somehow I think Netanyahu may have a better understanding and grasp of those things and also a bit more experience in dealing with them. Obama is the one getting played by Iran.

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It doesn't matter what "the international community" or Obama wants. Netanyahu will do what needs to be done for his country's security, will win the next election and will form the next government. Until Hamas is destroyed or dismantled, Abbas and the PA have zero power to negotiate anything even remotely resembling peace treaties.

Can you name another country in the world besides Israel who is constantly prodded to make peace with terrorists like Hamas (who controls Gaza and still has the destruction of Israel as a top priority in their founding Charter?) No one else but Israel is expected to make peace with a so-called "Palestinian Authority" run by a guy who last was elected to a four-year term...9 years ago!

Yet the anti-Israeli "activists" just can't stop supporting their pet perpetual victims, the fictional Palestinian people...even though these same Palestinians were the ones who rejected the Peel Commission agreement (which Israel supported,) rejected the UN General Assembly Partition (which Israel accepted,) rejected the Clinton proposals that were the culmination of the Oslo Accords (which Israel accepted) and actually maintained for decades a "Three No" policy against Israel: No Peace, No Recognition, and No Negotiations.

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Go willib. Its absolutely insane that any one would ever think that the territories around Israel would ever follow the Western ideology of peace which is continually borne out in their wars. They are so bad that they can't even work together to rid them selves of their own common enemy Israel. Thats why Israel can't give even an inch. The US is talking agreements while Israel waits for bombs to be made. They shouldn't give any land back

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You are always the one that says something that makes absolute logical sense.

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" Stop worrying about Iran. Worry instead about those with their hands on Israel's nuclear arsenal. "

That would be the Iran that just recently confirmed that the elimination of Israel is one of its top priorities? Incidentally, the Sunni Arab countries around Israel are just as worried about Irans bomb as Israel is... how do you explain that? As for Israels nuke program, Israel has never threatened anybody and never broken and treaties in developing it.

" Stop stealing land from Palestinians to build settlements. The reasons for that should be self-evident. "

That is a very simplistic slogan, which does not stand scrutiny. Yes, the settlement program is heavily disputed, but labelling it is "stealing" is simply not true. (You read up on the details elsewhere. What Hamas and the PA demand is a forced removal of almost half a million Jews from the Westbank -- a massive undertaking for any country. And do they promise peace in response to such an ethnic cleansing? Heck, no! This is only one demand among a list of other, all together amount to the destruction of Israel. Has this ethnic cleansing of Jews worked before? Look at Gazah and see the result. The concept of simply granting the resident Jews the same citizen rights that e.g. Israel grants the Arabs in Israel has never occurred to either Hamas or the PA.

" Support the creation of a democratic and secular Palestinian state. "

But Israel does that! It is Hamas and the PA (aka PLO) which refuse to acknowledge the existance of Israel. So in which court is the ball?

" Such a Palestinian stare would be no more of nest of terrorists than the Republic of Ireland. "

Like... Gaza? Like South Lebanon?

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The question here is what is the use of ceding lands to people who seek no peace, people whose aim is the annihilation of everybody who is not them.

Support the creation of a democratic and secular Palestinian state

I feel sorry for those who still see this mirage.

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According to Israel's Ynetnews.com "a crowd of some 80,000 at a rally in Rabin Square" against Netanyahu. Prominent in that rally was Former Mossad chief Maj. Gen. (res.) Meir Dagan, who had denounced Netanyahu speech before the U.S. Congress as "bulls***."

This goes to show that a lot of Israelis are fed up with the man, though for different reasons.

With or without Netanyahu, Israel is heading a course toward its ultimate destruction and there is no critical mass within or outside Israel to save it from itself.

What Israel needs to do.

Stop worrying about Iran. Worry instead about those with their hands on Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Stop stealing land from Palestinians to build settlements. The reasons for that should be self-evident.

Support the creation of a democratic and secular Palestinian state.

Such a Palestinian stare would be no more of nest of terrorists than the Republic of Ireland. (In has been British Northern Ireland where the troubles have been.) As long as people are oppressed and unstable there will be unrest. A Palestinian nation will have its own problems to deal with. Look, even as rotten as relations are between India and Pakistan are the situation would be infinitely worse if Pakistan had remained a part of India.

The Palestinians as whole would help matters tremendously by adopting nonviolent resistance. Homemade missies and random acts of violence do not work. That something else that ought to be self-evident by now.

Israel has been at war since its birth. Its discrimination against the Palestinians are making it lose friends. How long can a nation go on like this? Not forever.

Israel could reverse all much of the ill-will and violence against it by supporting a Palestinian state and helping in its establishment.

If you truly love Israel working to reverse its current policies.

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Netanyahu is correct, and the anti-Israel slogans here are an embarrassment. Every time Israel has "ceded land", it has turned into a disaster, creating more terrorism. In what matter, shape or form did the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon and Gaza (including the forced removal of settlements) create "peace"? The green houses in Gazah were not used to build up a Gazan economy, as the dreamers had hoped, instead they were used as terrorist training camps and rocket launch sites. To think that creating a jew-free West Bank by forcingly removing of 300,000 Jews as Hamas and PLO are demanding, would not lead to "peace". Anybody who thinks so is delutional. For better or worse, Israel needs a presence in the West Bank, preventing it from turning into a giant terrorist camp, until there is a party among the Arabs that actually accepts the existance of Israel. Just take a look at the map, and read some history.

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Right after 1967 war Israeli politicians and supporters outside of Israel decided in secret that occupied territories would be gradually incorporated in to Israel. While it was never disused publicly it was easy to see this intention over the years. This phony talk about necessity to negotiate, negotiate what? Israel wants the land but has a problem with the genocide that just does not work because Palestinians keep increasing in numbers instead of disappearing. And this attempt to force Palestinians and surrounding Muslim states to recognize Israel not as Israel but as a Jewish Theocracy state is totally unacceptable for a country that has a third of its population non Jewish. Israel wants to be another Iran, religious based Republic. Only smart thing for Palestinians to do is force a one state creation, Israel with equal fights for all citizens.

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Israel should be thrown out of every international body until the settlements come down.

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" And why would anyone wonder why Obama cannot stand this guy? "

Nobody wonders why Obama, surrounded by his Muslim Brotherhood activist advisors, "cannot stand this guy". What I am wondering is how people can seriously believe that "ceding land" to "Palestinians" aka muslim Arab organizations like Hamas and PLO would bring peace to Israel, instead of more terrorism, like we saw when Israel withdrew from Gazah and South Lebanon. Instead of "peace" the result is more terrorism and rocket attacks.

Is repeating the same action, expecting a different result, not one definition of insanity?

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel will not cede any territory due to the current climate in the Middle East, appearing to rule out the establishment of a Palestinian state.

And why would anyone wonder why Obama cannot stand this guy? He knows full-well this flies in the face of the official U.S. stance, and what both Obama and Bush have been working towards for over a decade as articulated in The Mitchell Report, dating back to 2001. A Two-State solution is the only way forward, and,as a U.S. tax-payer, I am sick-and-tired of this guy being a thorn in the side of peace.

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