Netanyahu takes Iran nuclear deal objection to Kremlin


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Have the Iranians figured out what to do with the toxic nuclear waste they will produce?

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So this is what it's come down to, who'd ever thought the day would come that we would see Israel seek help from the Russians. Turning his back on ONE of our closest allies. Every day, this President takes the country a notch more down.

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Why would Russia care? Russia sells their nuclear technology to Iran.

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"Those who suspect Russian, American and other participants of the process” of allowing dangerous loopholes in the agreement are “disrespecting our intellectual capacities and our political principles."

Ooh, good takedown! Netanyahu might consider who butters his bread. He's welcome to try to solve things on his own - including the messes he's making in his own backyard - if he really thinks he has the ability.

Oh, and Bass, Netanyahu does not personify Israel. I know the GOP has a problem comprehending that, but Netanyahu faces great opposition in his own country as well.

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Have the Iranians figured out what to do with the toxic nuclear waste they will produce?

Do you wonder the same of Israel?

Turning his back on ONE of our closest allies.

Feel free to remind us how it is that Netanyahu supports the U.S. as an ally. Tea party, right wing nuts & the various social conservatives want the U.S. to stick its collective neck out for THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. This is no two way street. The U.S. gains nothing. Because of the right wing extremist in the U.S. we are exposed to risk because of Netanyahu. Why should we back his ass up if he bombs Iran? These conservatives are delusional. Iran does not have to attack Israel; they simply have to develop the same technology that Netanyahu already possesses. I AM NOT FOR IRAN OBTAINING NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! For once we have a president who is standing up for the U.S. 's best interest and all the tea party, moral majority, social conservative, neo-con right wingers want is to insist that the U.S. serve every single request that Israel, particularly the extremist far right minority of Israel, demands.

Israel bombs other countries without a single act of aggression; Palestine excluded (they just invade their land and build settlements). Follow the discussion on this thread and you will see the conservatives are asking you to buy the argument that we should support Israel in every single instance; whether or not it is counter to the interests of the U.S. - if Israel were not part of the equation. They contend that Israel should dictate U.S. policy. They contend that we should go to war to protect Israel even though Israel does nothing as an ally to benefit the U.S.; but they do continually put the U.S. at risk, if our obligation is to fight any war they begin by their transgressions against nations who did not invade them, did not bomb their territory and committed absolutely no military act of aggression but they were bombed by Israel. What a deal! What other country gets a bargain like that? Please ask yourself that if it is not the case that right wingers support Israel because they are THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, then why do they get every benefit without providing any benefits to the U.S. Oh yeah, I forgot, we get the benefit of them spying on us!

So Netyanyahu stabs the U.S. in the back by trying to turn Russia against us and we are the bad guys. According to the conservatives our president is shameful because Netyanyahu is stabbing us in the back. This of course after he was all over the U.S. talk shows telling us we had better accept his foreign policy demands on our country.

[article] ''will not tolerate nuclear proliferation.'' [assurances]

Wow, French President Francois Hollande, is going to ask Israel to get rid of all of its nuclear arsenal? Oh, that's right, French President Francois Hollande, didn't really mean what he said. He was just lying because he in fact is willing to ''tolerate nuclear proliferation.'' He was just being a demagogue. It is perfectly understandable. You have the world's top megalomaniac, Putin, receiving attention from the chosen people's megalomaniac - Netanyahu; French President Francois Hollande has to fit in somewhere; so he demagogues. A socialist president never looked so good to all these conservatives.

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bass4funk: Every day, this President takes the country a notch more down.

Either you're biased or Obama has just made the 1,476th consecutive wrong decision. Tough call.

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but Netanyahu faces great opposition in his own country as well.

As he should.

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Not many are surprised given the well-proved theory - there is no forever friends/enemies, only forever national interests.

Even though no one can predict what will be exact outcomes from much anticipated Iran nuclear deal, two things seems to be clear at this juncture, 1. the fissure between the US and its most closest ally - Israel is starting widening. 2. President Obama is willing to push an insured deal without needed backings from the US Congress and American international allies. It's good, bad or ugly ?)

So what would be the possible takeaways with respect to Abe's Administration: Japan might not expect too much about the said American military commitments when it comes to territorial disputes with its neighbors during Obama's tenure. Further, Japan could learn from the Germany in terms of how to improve its role in the international community. Both Germany and Japan committed horrendous crimes against humanity and substantially defeated during World War II, yet Germany has returned as a respectful member to sit with the heavyweights to make important decisions over a series of important affair of the world. But Japan appears is on the course of diminishing influence, even its used-to-be technological and economical leaderships are fading .

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No, I don’t wonder because Israel has been there for the US every single step of the publicly and even more so privately.

Despite the disparity in geographical and demographic size, the affinity between Israel and the United States draws on the fact that both countries are democracies and share a host of other enlightened values, including a similar defining ethos as nations of immigrants.

The United States does not give aid to Israel to convince Israelis and their leaders that American values are good, or to buy influence at the UN. That the two nations share many values and parallels in their historic development provides a natural and genuine bond. Both nations share Judeo-Christian values. They are committed to human rights and the principles of freedom, equality, and pluralism. And both nations were built by waves of refugees or persecuted immigrants who sought religious, political, or economic freedom. In fact, most American economic aid to Israel since 1948 has been earmarked to realize shared values. The only thing that we are exposed to is the radical left trying to hang an ally out to dry, meanwhile, swallowing the forked tongue rhetoric of these crazy Mullahs Just like with the ACA, liberals believe that the system would work flawlessly and well, we know how that went… Iran does NOT have to attack Israel or Saudi Arabia, but they will, if anyone thinks otherwise, doesn’t know ANYTHING about the Iranian regime. Obama is NOT standing on anything, never has, never will, but we all know why, it’s self-evident.

It’s bad enough that the liberals are destroying America and now slowly our allies. Progressives couldn’t care less if Israel were destroyed or not and yet, they seem to be routing that radical Islam takes over the world and why? Because these people are misunderstood, the are the victims. Where have we all heard this rhetoric before?

As far as bombing Israel does NOT bomb ANYONE for the same of just bombing people. You have the Hamas swearing an OATH not to give recognition to the state of Israel, referring it to “occupied territory” and swore to destroy it. Many Iranians as well as other radical militant Islamists will never swear off attacks on Israel. Also you seem to forget how Hamas uses Qassam rockets, indiscriminately hoping to force Israel lift sanctions and to leave Israel???

This is what the Palestinians think and hope for. They are Holocaust deniers, Israelis have a lot to be concerned about.

Both America and Israel pride themselves as special countries. That is, both perceive they were founded on the basis of an ‘escape from European decadence,’ and both believe foreign policy should reflect moral choices – what is right, not just what is expedient and self-serving.Yet the relationship is not based solely or primarily on lofty values. Various scholars who have studied U.S.-Israel ties say the special alliance emerged out of a realization that Israel was like a Rock of Gibraltar, a strategic asset in a sea of unstable regimes. Robert J. Lieber, writing in the scholarly journal MERIA Said:

“Israel’s claim to a shared religious legacy had not been sufficient by itself to stimulate a more favorable American policy…Instead it was only after the administration began to recognize the strategic dimension and to appreciate how shaky other pro-Western governments in the region actually were, that it started to adopt a more explicitly cooperative policy towards Israel.”

The only person that got stabbed in the back and that a real hardcore rotten deal is Netanyahu and his country. Netanyahu is correct in NOT capitulating to the Iranian regime. Israel doesn’t need the help of the US to protect itself and if it has to go it alone, so be it.

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They are committed to human rights

Yes! Very much so! Here is a small example:

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as is his wont, Bass forgot to properly attribute...

The U.S.-Israel Special Relationship - Eli E. Hertz

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