Netanyahu, Trump align on Iran ahead of Israeli leader's visit


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How about the UN nuclear watchdog have the same access to all US and Israeli military sites, similar to what the US and Israel are demanding from Iran, as this article states. Israel likes wielding the big stick regarding the middle east, and are partly to blame for all the turmoil in the region with their own policies regarding the Palestinian issue. The US and Israel will continue to inflict their own agenda on the region, so nothing will change.

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Meanwhile, the Saudis continue to teach their children that non-muslims must be killed. When is Trump going to criticise them? When is Trump going to criticise the Saudi bombing of Yemeni civilians?

Trump was just complaining that the media doesn't report terrorist acts by muslims, so why doesn't he draw attention to Saudi terrorist acts in his tweets? Because he puts profits ahead of principles, that's why.

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I'm guessing Trump's not sending Bannon to talk to Netanyahu, and Netanyahu won't mention the fact that Trump couldn't even mention the Jews in his speech on the Holocaust (penned by Bannon) because he knows he has no friends and needs the US more than his supposed morals.

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Since Iran decided to dump the US petrodollar the anti Iran rhetoric is rising fast. Just look at what happened to other countries that did the same and found themselves a sudden target of a need for " regime change ". Iran is suddenly a " number 1 terrorist state " and it's people no doubt in need of some freedom " so let's see if we can bomb the crap out of them some time soon once we build an international coalition to legitimate it. Following the textbook to a letter.

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So stupid. Obama did well to engage with the Iranians and pulled off a good deal for Iran and the world. Now this idiot Trump and warmonger Netanyahu are going to undo all the skillful diplomacy that Obama, Kerry and their staff managed to do.

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Uh I don't know about Iran "suddenly" becoming the world's #1 terrorist state.

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Perhaps Trumpler can ask Netanyahoo why ISIS doesn't attack Israel.

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Perhaps Trumpler can ask Netanyahoo why ISIS doesn't attack Israel.

That's an interesting question - I hadn't thought about that.

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