Netherlands set to prosecute suspects in MH17 airliner downing


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one more time... very likely the accused will only ever be tried in absentia.. sheesh

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...Only ever be tried...

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Well-documented, well-evidenced case. Sadly, very unlikely the accused will ever be tried in absentia.

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The Netherlands has said Russia has not cooperated with the investigation and Moscow

The Netherlamds lie. Almaz-Antey, the maker of the Buk missile, several times offered the investigation board all the testimony about the missile but the the Dutch refused the help, because it would ruin the whole story, No wonder the prime minister of Malaysia does not trust this investigation much:

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The Netherlands has their own spies in Russia - that's how they know

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Such a tragic event without any proper answers, that is the hardest part for the families of the victims. No resolution. I feel sorry for these families, just like the families of the Malaysian airline's plane that went missing in Kuala Lumpur.

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