Nevada school shooter, 12, got gun from home


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RIP Mr. Landsberry. Your bravery and sacrifice may have saved others from being wounded or worse.

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School District police said they are still working to determine how the boy obtained the 9mm semi-automatic Ruger handgun used in the Monday morning spree

Let's see... irresponsible parents? Uncaring society which believes having the right to kill people is god given? Laws which allow almost any idiot to own a gun? The list goes on...

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Gun control or not ... how about a nationwide law that guns must be kept in certified gun safes and combinations not given to minors? I would have the added advantage of keeping guns out of the hands of burglars.

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A true product of society.

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From the kid's point of view, what he was doing must have seemed right. How did he get into that perception, and how do we help people get out of it once they are locked in on this fatal road?

The parents will have some of the answers in their hearts.

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A Marine...I salute you, Sir. RIP

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This teacher is a hero. The parents have a lot to answer for here. Gun control always seems to be the issue and I can't see any sense of the word "control" here. Nevada must be one easy place for kids to have access to guns. Just maddening that this was done with a legal gun at a school ... again.

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Stuffs gonna happen, the second amendment is more important than the need for safe schools, the tea nutters will advocate that if the former marine was armed he could have taken out the shooter sooner. Probably but the dude retired from armed conflict.

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Actually Spud you make an interesting point - had the teacher been armed as the gun insane rights people have been advocating, imagine the choices. Nothing better highlights the insanity of school teachers carrying than such a scenario.

The parents should get a manslaughter charge and a hefty gaol sentence, and gun cabinets should be mandatory.

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The kid of course should not have had access to the gun. That point is for the police to investigate.

It seems the kid had it in for the teacher. So, he may have been planning it for a while. But I highly doubt he said to his parents, "Gee Mom and Dad, mind if I take the 9-mil to school and settle a score with Mr L?" I wouldn't be surprised to find out later that he lock-picked the gunsafe while his parents were sleeping or something.

What he did was a terrible crime. Now he's got to face his maker.

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how about a nationwide law that guns must be kept in certified gun safes and combinations not given to minors?

You mean gun safes are not required and giving guns to kids is permitted? Madhouse...

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withholding the seventh-grader’s name out of respect for his family.

WTF ? They deserve being respected in the community, invited to neighbor kids' funeral, so we need to know who the hell.... Write their names in the papers, show photos, put a poster on their door stating "In this house. we proudly own semi-automatic killing machines".

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We've already seen My First Rifle, available in pink. Out to lunch.

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What the hell are 12-year-olds doing shooting people and then killing themselves with guns? That's a pretty big call for such a young person. Are kids growing up too quickly these days?

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As you can see even we Marines will still give our lives that others will live.

Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine.


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There should be some serious time done by the owner of this gun ... gross negligence leading to death.

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I think he was a decent human being first and a marine was secondary to this event.

Rest in peace Mr Landsberry.

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" There should be some serious time done by the owner of this gun ... gross negligence leading to death."

Again, it's beyond highly doubtful the kid had free access. You may recall being particularly resourceful as a teen, no?

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"Guns don't kill people. Children kill people."

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His parents will also be in trouble. It's a felony to leave a gun where a kid can get to it.

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