New Australian PM vows to 'get down to business'


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Looks like Tony Abbott will be PM for at least six years. Going by the garbage the ALP have been spruiking about their loss it looks as though they haven't learned a thing about it. So if they haven't learned a thing it means they can't fix their problems and the party can't regenerate and they will remain an out of touch mob of useless lawyers and union officials in opposition for many years to come. That isn't in the best interests of the country especially if more turned-off former Labor voters jump on the bandwagons of idiots like Clive Palmer.

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Kevin Rudd and Labor are loser. Tony Abbott and his team will to fix Labor's mess. Australia is turning back to the road again.

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There are signs in Australia that there is defection among the political elite from the past adminstration policy. Many of the Australia's politicans prefers a more value driven approach rather than the what has been used previously by Abbott's predecessor, that any government he leads should be wary of foreign takeover, especially the Chinese, to attempts in established enterprises. There is unfamiliar challenges for future of Australia, and at least the opposition is tilting toward adopting restrictive policies toward China.

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Oooooooooooooooooooo. Who cares...

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