Rudd ousts Gillard in Australian leadership ballot


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But I'm a woman, how can this sexist pigs oust me? Stop discrimination against women!

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Called a ballot for later today. Oz is fast becoming a banana republic!!!!!!

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Time for Rudd to Piss or Get off the john.This leadership backstabbing has gone on far too long.

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I'm pretty sure KRudd will win this spill. One thing is certain - under Gillard, Labor will be annihilated come september, leaving it with just a handful of seats. I'm no massive fan of KRudd, but at least he will take the fight up to that policy-less creep Abbot, and not just hand him the keys to The Lodge.

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See Russell Crowe also has opinions on this. Especially the menu "joke". Gillard really is not inspirational but Rudd seems like a creep too. Rolf Harris for PM?

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Gillard is out, Rudd is in.

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Will the Gillard organized Women for Labor group be able to survive this?

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I'm sorry, but have I forgotten something?

I thought Rudd was ousted for a reason?

Now, what was it........?

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I can't wait for Abbott to send these Machiavellians off to the history books.

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Rudd and Gillard are both a waste of space, the only reason they want Gillard out is they had basically no chance of winning the next election while she was PM, now that arrogant bad tempered t``d Rudd is back in there chance of winning is slightly better than zero.

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She can go back to knitting then.

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Good for Rudd! Hopefully he gets Australia back into shape so that Australia can at least be a principal player in Asia! Australia has so much resources and potentials. It should be a great nation!

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With Gillard in charge, the chance of election victory come september were ZERO. With K-Rudd back in the driving seat, the chances have risen to SLIM.

I'd rather slim than zero.

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Rudd stabbing Gillard in the back, just like she stabbed him in the back three years ago. Who could ever imagine that "honorable" politicians would ever do such a thing? Lol.

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The decline of Julia Gillard.

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