New border violence erupts with Mexico cartel rift


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This violence is not new at all, it has been there all along, but just at "tolerable" levels, but the sad truth is that Mexico really needs the USA to do way lot more to help the Mexican government and Mexican army fight against these narco bastards. Most of the modern, heavy weaponry come illegally into MEXICO from LEGAL weapons and bullets, etc..from the USA. Mr. Obama, Mexico needs you to stop the flow of illegal guns into Mexico, if you want less drugs in the USA. Simple fact, in Mexico you can not go to a Walmart etc..and buy guns in the USA. This kind of shopping is all highly illegal in Mexico. If you get caught with just 1 bullet, you will be in jail in Mexico for a very, very long time, many US citizens do not know this, no NRA south of the border amigos.

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Mexican cartels use military weaponry. Not small-calibre semi-automatic civilian weapons that are sold in the US.

Try again...

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