New charge for US mom over phony Craigslist post


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When parents bully other children, that's when police and jail need to come into the picture.

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Wow - and posters here complain about a mother crossing the street with her daughter....God American's are idiots.

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... doesn't sound nice when the post goes the other way, does it...

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Thesepoor excuse for a mother needs to serve time. 5 years minimum wiuld suffice.

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As a parent, I post about anything stupid PARENTS do...does not matter of their nationality, race, etc.

I agree...this kind of thing needs to be stopped. In other US news, the woman who posed as a boy friend and then told her that the she was better off dead (or something similar) looks like she might get off the hook...Sad!

So, the cyber-world has no real world consequences...

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that is a really sick mom

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and posters here complain about a mother crossing the street with her daughter...

posters on japanese news thread complain about idiotic Japanese mothers. posters here on this thread complain about idiotic American ones. easy to see the difference

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