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New chemical arms team draws up list of Syria probes

By Danny KEMP

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The globalist war mongers scheme again to create a false narrative in order to attack the Syrian government and destroy Syria. Disgusting. I hope Trump does not fall for it.

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It's never long before a conspiracy theorist pops up.

Aye and one who delights in using the anti-Semitic trope "globalist".

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The Americans are the biggest globalists with 800 overseas military bases, more than any other country.

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Interesting photo: 3 with gas masks, 1 without. A set-up?

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It's never long before a conspiracy theorist pops up.

A little bit of unbiased unemotional research would help you a lot instead of relying on the globalist MSM and kneejerking “conspiracy theory” to things you’re clueless about.

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You got to love terms like "conspiracy theory". Look, if chemical munitions are found in a field even if it says on the side "Property of X and I put it here!" we still can't really be sure who launched it or put it there. And if one side or the other uses them they are not going to allow press people near the preparation or launch areas. Assad lies. The rebels lie. The CIA lies. The president lies. The press lies. Even defectors lie. And they hide information that is sometimes found out 70 years later when we are all dead. Look up the sinking of the SS John Harvey if you want to know just how little a government cares about its own people.

All I know is I don't know who can be trusted in a war situation. There is too much money to be made for trust to be an option.

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i can see that the Guy in the background is clearly well protected. Indeed, those in the foreground holding the device had best hope that their sneakers and socks have been sprayed with scotch-guard or some other liquid repellent.

There's only one person, who should be sent in alone, to clean up that mess... and we all know who that is. This should be the fate of all similar War-Criminals.

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Anyway, there's a lot of Assadist trash doing the rounds - it's well documented. From last year, after the chemical attacks the BBC looked into the unpleasant conspiracy theorists

Despite the uncertainty about what happened in Douma, a cluster of influential social media activists is certain that it knows what occurred on 7 April.

They've seized on a theory being floated by Russian officials and state-owned media outlets that the attacks were "staged" or were a "false flag" operation, carried out by jihadist groups or spies in order to put the blame on the Assad government and provide a justification for Western intervention.

The group includes activists and people who call themselves "independent journalists", and several have Twitter followings reaching into the tens or hundreds of thousands. 

The activists call themselves "anti-war", but as they generally back the Syrian government's military operations against rebel forces seeking to overthrow Mr Assad and Russian air strikes carried out in support, it might be more accurate to describe them as "anti-Western intervention" or "pro-Syrian government".

According to their narrative, international media organisations across the political spectrum, along with human rights organisations, are somehow covertly aligned with Western governments, Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda and taking part in a secretive plot to take over Syria.

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There are no 'good guys' fighting in Syria, especially those fighters paid by some foreign state, or some 'religious' group, or paid by some global oil/gas corporation.

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Come on man, the BBC's a shambles these days. It's nothing more than a mouthpiece for the security services.

Robert Fisk was in Douma. There was no gas attack. It's a bunch of lies:

Craig Murray dismantles the whole thing here:

The so-called White Helmets are a bunch of jihadis paid for by the UK and US.

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Well, Alfie, I must say I have always admired the Fisks and Pilgers of this world and they are still worth reading. Even if they occasionally veer towards hyperbole and CT, late in their careers. But it's hard to know what to believe in Syria.

As you know, the first casualty of war is truth and there's is so much nefarious narratives to what's happening there - it makes the head spin. As does Craig Murray, who's been discredited as many times as the BBC has. I mean, for goodness sake - he posited the theory that the two Russian agents who used the nerve agent in Wiltshire were not spies and in fact, were gay bodybuilders!

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There are things seriously amiss with that pic.

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Recently, an OPCW assessment was leaked, and it concluded that the 2018 Douma incident was staged. But that part of the assessment was taken out of their final report....

They should address this point before we listen to anything else they say. The top people at the OPCW are not to be trusted.

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@rawbeerThe top people at the OPCW are not to be trusted.

Gosh, that's the same thing RT says. But do you think Russia can be trusted? After all, Russia has got a major stake in and is playing a pretty significant role in the ongoing Syrian debacle.

There are no good foreign powers fighting in Syria. That includes its 'invited guests'.

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Wait your team doesn't trust anonymous sources.

Wait, so you’re unclear about the differences between leaked (official OPCW report) and anonymous sources (“I overheard Hillary say she’s in love with Trump”)?

Gosh, that's the same thing RT says.

So you’re comparing an official leaked OPCW report to RT?

C’mon guys! The info is out there. The OPCW has been corrupted. Everybody knows this.

You don’t have to knee-jerk to everything.

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You can believe that those who think it unlikely that 'a regime' (aka a popular multiethnic, multireligious coalition government elected by the Syrian population) who's closest ally and trading partner feels about chemical weapons the same way that Japanese feels about nuclear weapons, who gave up their stockpiles of chemical weapon precursors (according to the OPCW investigators and technicians) and increase the costs and risks to its military by dropping nonpenetrating small payload explosives from helicopters (As opposed to using the cheaper and more plentiful penetrating high explosive shells) to limit civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure, would order chemical weapons to be used in areas where civilians (aka the family and friends of Syrian soldiers and volunteer militias) are propagandists, conspiracy theorists, or fools.

But then again, you can believe that those who think manmade pollution is resulting in climate disruption are propagandists, conspiracy theorists, or fools.

In both cases, the evidence is pretty clear that the people who believe so are the actual propagandists, conspiracy theorists, or fools, unfortunately there are an awful lot of people who believe in what they are told, and not so many who take the time to examine the evidence.

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Gosh, that's the same thing RT says.

You should ask yourself why we must count on RT to provide us with this very important information (leaked document from an official OPCW report and comments from an MIT professor) and why US MSM chooses to ignore it. It isn't propaganda like the Steele dossier.

But do you think Russia can be trusted?

Based on recent history, Russia, Syria, and Iran are much more trustworthy than US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France,....

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