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New EU COVID-19 vaccine setback as AstraZeneca announces shortfall


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Centrally managed economies like the EU and the old USSR always run in to supply problems.

Correlation is not causation, the purported concerns over blood clots are over stated and unsupported by proof of causation. The media are as always selling fear.

To report some one had a vaccine and later had a blood clot without explaining the context is like reporting some one had the vaccine and was run over by a bus, ooh we must stop the vaccine rollout lest more people are run over by buses, vaccines cause road accidents!!!!

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The New York Times reported that the US is sitting on tens of millions of doses of AstraZeneca whose shelf life will soon expire, because it has not yet been approved for use in the USA. Why not let those nations have it which have already approved its use?

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Centrally managed economies like the EU and the old USSR always run in to supply problems.

By using this thought-terminating cliché you show that you have not the slightest idea how the EU works. If you like to compare centrally managed economies, the USA seems to fit better for that purpose. The EU is still just a close group of souvereign nations, who let certain national fields run by the commission - who again consists of representatives of the membership countries. Economically there has never been a supply problem, rather the opposite, a huge surplus production in almost every field. Just ask Trump about that matter.

Now, concerning the current vaccination problem, this is mainly because the EU is an open and reliable partner for many countries worldwide: Although millions of covid vaccination doses are produced within the EU, the majority is being exported to the whole world, while the USA forbids any corona vaccination exports. Also Britain, which does not officially ban exports, British based AstraZeneca does not dare to export any vaccine from there due to expected negative consequences for the company. The EU also could easily ban exports of covid vaccines but they declared to remain the before mentioned open and helpful partner to the world.

Just the recent additional cuts by AstraZeneca in deliveries to the EU orders forced Italy and other EU member states to seizure a shipment which was bound for Australia. Of course this caused immediate anger there but on the other hand, AstraZeneca could easily provide the amount of doses from the UK or US, just they don't do it or in case of the US, simply can't.

Now Europe hit with the British covid mutation variant is currently one of the most severely hit areas and is in desparate need for vaccination. So if the EU is going to keep some of the vaccine produced there for themselves, who could blame them. This is the power of a block of nations working together and while working together for better deals, each nation can still order vaccines for themselves if deemed neccessary. Germany did that, Poland, Hungary, etc... So you see when souvereign nations work together for the better, the outcome is much different from what especially the British Murdoch tabloids always promoted as EUSSR. When you have been exposed to only these misinformation for years, you are excused.

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Denmark, Norway and Iceland have suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine due to blood clot concerns.

let’s stop this human experimentation, it’s against the Nuremberg code

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Penfold I 100% agree , the whole thing is a farce and an exercise on experimentation on human control, mostly thought control ! Shows how much that the people of today can withstand and what they have not learnt from previous generations.................

Prelude to things to come.

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The European Union was faced with another setback in its coronavirus vaccination program Sunday after AstraZeneca announced a shortfall, 

Smart Move Japan to have to produce it in Japan.

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Have you seen the videos of the 1,000s of english people singing you can stick ya vaccine up ya A*** in london? kinda tells ya what many think.

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Are Germany still hoarding millions of supplies?

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Pfizer will be covering for the shortfall

"EU's Breton says Pfizer can help offset AstraZeneca vaccine delays"


The European Union will be able to stick to its vaccination targets this quarter despite AstraZeneca delivery delays as Pfizer is producing faster than planned, EU industry commissioner Thierry Breton said on Saturday.

"The good news is that even though there are delays with AstraZeneca we won't be late with our vaccination programme in the first quarter," Breton said.

"Pfizer is producing more, much more than planned and is going to deliver more to us," he added.

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