New IRA admits responsibility for killing Northern Ireland journalist

By Paul Faith

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Here we go again. So it would have been fine if the 'New IRA' just killed a police officer instead.?

I will never forget my home city being targeted by the IRA during the seventies and eighties. I have been close to IRA bombs on two occasions. They once called John Lewis department store on Oxford Street and the b*stards planted the bomb at the rear of the store where the fire exits are. Fortunately the police were wise enough to know that evil ploy and diverted customers and staff elsewhere as the bomb went off outside the fire exit.

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So killing a journalist proves????? Your cause is stupid. You that is the killers made a point by killing a person who's point was pointing out your cause was stupid. Now that's a home run at the expense of a smarter non violent person.

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"It's going to be a celebration of her life", her partner Sara Canning said in a Facebook post, urging people to wear Harry Potter or Marvel-themed T-shirts. "I know she would love it."

Sorry, but I don't consider a celebration of life and I don't think she would've loved it.

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The nail in the coffin was when the Tory’s formed a coalition with far right terror linked protestants. Things will get worse.

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The violence needs to be over and will achieve nothing but death and suffering. While forever supporting a united Ireland I do understand the Northern Ireland protestants didn't. A dead lock but depending on the Brexit outcome, that could change if they decide to stay in the EU.

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