New London pollution tax comes into force


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Good. Too many cars on London's streets. The rise in internet shopping and Uber et al has caused a sharp rise in motor traffic.

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Yes and no. Certainly there are too many cars in London but the amount of reason why a car is needed - the workplaces, tourist attractions, homes coupled with a dubious transport infrastructure including overcrowded underground services and complicated and often slow bus services - make it difficult to justify a car surcharge where no other measures are being taken. It also tends to affect the poorer drivers who drive the sorts of cars that pollute because they cannot afford a cleaner, newer car. The thing is that while you could say that the charge could be a deterrent, you could also say that this is the latest measure to fill corporate and administrative coffers whilst providing limited short term benefits for a comparatively small group of people.

Mind you, I tend to keep away from London these days. It's a sh*t hole, IMHO.

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This is a bodge job, designed to create extra income and pacify some vocal members of the environmental and health lobby at the same time. It does not address the problem properly for a number of reasons, but that would cause an outcry .

For example, one of the worst polluted spots is Putney High Street, with too many diesel buses concentrated in the slow-moving daily traffic trapped between uncoordinated sets of traffic lights. Khan's new policy addresses not a single one of the these issues. He is only dealing with central London, ie the hole in the donut.

He should charge 100 GBP for every Freedom Pass he issues to the over 60s, and use that money to do something radical like replacing all the polluting buses for hybrids or electric

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