Mom chases down child abductor in New Mexico


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Good for her and good for the teenagers for their quick response, too!

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Way to go , MOM! And you teenagers too for alerting her!

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I like that the mother did what she did. I like that the teens took action and alerted the family. It does bother me though that another child was abducted and assulted just a week prior in the same complex and this little girl was out there on her own playing without adult supervision. I hope that the families living there, or anywhere else, will be more vigilant from now on so that this kind of news need not be reported again.

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I'd say it isn't exactly a safe neighborhood. Two abductions in just 2 weeks... Good on the mom and the boys! Well done for cornering that creep in

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I love it, just love it! Good job, Mom!

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Lots of scum bags out there, just waiting for us to leave our guard down! Good on this mother! I also hope to god/s that this Hernandez idiot fool gets his ass kicked inside out behind bars!

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Don't frack with a Mama bear!

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If this happened in Japan everybody would pretend not to notice and walk on by..

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Glad this woman did what she did. But, I'm curious, why is this international news?

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The attempted kidnapping sparked a massive manhunt Wednesday as more than two dozen officers went door-to-door in the area looking for the suspect. A helicopter with heat-sensor cameras also was sent in for the search, authorities said.

The police state that has become the US is not very effective at catching the bad guys. They couldn't find him with the massive manhunt and the heat-sensing helicopter. They got him because he turned himself in. Reminds me of Boston, with a lock-down and a really massive manhunt, it was a resident that happened to find the guy hiding in his boat...

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